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A good woman builds her home

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Compare Translations for Proverbs 14:1

The Help Meet's Journey. Preparing to Be a Help Meet. Marriage God's Way. Created to Need a Help Meet. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely. She looks for ways to make, save, and use money wisely. Her husband knows he is a richer man because she is his wife.

His interest becomes her interest. She looks for ways to help him in every endeavor in which he is involved. When he needs a helping hand, it is her hand that is there first. A wise woman knows that his peace of mind and sometimes, wise understanding is something she can give or take away by her observations and conversation concerning circumstances or people.

She limits her conversation to the positive. A wise woman sets a joyful mood in the household. She uses laughter, music and happy times to stir the children to a positive, joyful frame of mind. She knows this light-heartedness helps take stress off her husband. She seeks to fulfill his desires before even he is aware of them. She never leaves him daydreaming outside the home. She supplies his every desire.

She learns quickly to defer with enthusiasm to his ideas or plans. She looks for ways to reverence him. She learns to be content. A wise woman never expects anyone to serve her; therefore she is never disappointed. She is ready to help—a giver. By her example her children learn to serve cheerfully and energetically. Her questions are sincere inquiries concerning his will. A wise woman is always learning.

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I was actually madder at the end of the seminar than I was at the beginning because I knew a lot more about the meaning of those verses they misused and those they intentionally ignored because of the uproar it will cause among the self proclaimed liberated women. It means loving someone so much, that you are willing to be a better person, serve them and bless them in any way you can.

A wise wife is so filled with love for her husband, she is eager and willing to what is mentioned above, and more. Just as Christ did all that he could for you and me out of love, so we must follow his example to the best of our ability by showing as much as we can our love to our spouse.

As you love up on your man, he will in time start to look for ways to love up on you as well. So, even when you are putting his needs above your own, you are not being neglected because he is doing the same for you as well. A wise woman loves, and a wise woman is loved by a wise man in return. You get what you give, and a wise man is just as eager and willing to be self-sacrificing and loving in return.

So, by loving your man, you are, in turn, loving yourself, but not for this reason alone. I think you have mis interpretted the entire statement provided by Ms. Debi Pearl.. She did not say being a wise woman makes you a s punching bag. I have a great career and wonderful family, yet I am seeking to grow more and more to be more like Christ.

Women are capable and intellectual beings created by God in a beautiful way. I consider it an honor to receive such feedback back from Ms. You statement manifest itself as simply…selfish.. It has helped me to change, something I could never seem to do before. I thought I was seeing changes in my husband and his treatment toward me however, it seems maybe not.

It just feels like getting kicked in the teeth when he yells at me for nothing or for any little thing. How am I supposed to respond to his outbursts?

The other article says let him know it hurts me. What do I do? Stand there and smile and be sweet and take it? It has made a wonderful difference in my marriage. The more I make it my goal to give my husband the life he wants, he cherishes me more and more.

What about equality, about team work, about mutual respect, support? What about creating a life together and working together every day to keep it going? A man requires deference not because of his performance, but because of his position? Respect a man because he is man? He must perform to that respect in order to keep it, or how will a marriage last? And same for a woman, she should be supportive, loving, helpful — but become subservient and that cannot be respected.

That is not the recipe for a life long marriage. Why does she have to defer without question to his plans? Oh, can you pick up some soy milk for me on your way home?

These ladies seem to be forgetting something very important. You behave in a certain way because God wants you to behave that way. When He lives within you, He works through you. Amen, Debbie! Well said! This is why our salvation is not out of our works. My husband cannot earn my love…. The unwise woman expects her husband to do his part first. I read a few of your books and they helped me a great deal.

But I thank you for the part you have played in the changes we have already made. My children were rebellious and my husband and I both were miserable. Since reading the Created and Train up books within the last month our family life has become something so much better.

It is unconditional. Do wives fail at times? Does that give the husband the right to stop loving her? We are each individually responsible to God for our own assignment. Letting someone else determine whether we will obey God is dangerous.

You want to be a wise woman or man? Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom. I agree Matthew. We do what we do and how we do it, because of who We are. Not as a judge as to how our spouse treats us. No marriage could withstand that. We need..

A Wise Woman Builds her Home…

When my family moved to a new state last year, my husband and I looked at tons of houses trying to find the right one. As I was reading through Proverbs recently, I was reminded of the optimism that seems to accompany the purchase of a new home. If you think about it, no one ever imagines themselves moving into a new house only to be grumpy, unhealthy or in conflict. I think there is something right about having that kind of fresh hope. The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.

Proverbs A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing…. Proverbs A foolish son is the calamity of his father: and the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping. Proverbs ,19 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house….

How does a wise woman build her house, even in a society where men overtly hold the reins of power as in ancient Israel? How does a foolish woman pull down her own house? By carelessly, or spitefully, adopting destructive habits that alienate and impoverish her family. She commits adultery with another man -- or woman. She spends money the family does not have, or invests the family fortune foolishly in what she does not understand.

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The Help Meet's Journey. Preparing to Be a Help Meet. Marriage God's Way. Created to Need a Help Meet. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely. She looks for ways to make, save, and use money wisely. Her husband knows he is a richer man because she is his wife. His interest becomes her interest.

How to build your home with wisdom

In primary school, our teachers hammered the wisdom of the book of Proverbs into us. There was always a quote about the foolish son and how he brings shame to his mother. None of us wanted to be the fool. This verse came to mind recently when I encountered a woman who was doing everything possible to sabotage herself and her marriage. She was wasteful, she complained, nagged endlessly, insulted and demeaned her husband in front of other people, she secluded herself from her circle of support; she failed to appreciate her many blessings; she took her husband for granted and treated him like waste.

Proverbs Proverbs NLT A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. Those who follow the right path fear the LORD; those who take the wrong path despise him.

All I can really do is move forward and try to do my best right now. Yesterday we looked at what it means to make a home. Homemaking is so much more important than our society wants us to believe. And as women who have been called to the ministry of homemaking, we have a special honor and responsibility to care for our homes.


Post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend. Read my full disclosure statement. For a long time, I struggled with writing specifically about motherhood, marriage, and homemaking because my situation is very different from many other women.

I absolutely love this passage of Scripture, and I pray it often in my own prayer time and when I pray with my friends. Building my house is what gets me out of bed every morning. As a wife and mother, I am always prayerfully building, building, building. Even now, as my children have grown up and left the house, I still ask God for ways to build my house and the lives of those closest to me and to have our lives glorify God together. When my kids were young, I wanted to be wise, but felt like I messed up all the time; I constantly blew it and felt like a failure.

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Ann Onymous. A while back one of my sweet friends complained her husband had ruined something while doing housework—and he heard all about it. Several times. Sometimes we even try to one-up each other. Guess what mine did…! A wise friend once told me there are women waiting around every corner for a man. She had all sorts of stories of lonely nurses and other hospital workers who tried to lure her husband and his secure paycheck away from his family.

May 9, - The foolish woman tears her house down with her own hands.” I wanted be a wise woman who does her husband good all the days of his life and.

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