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Big time rush fanfiction katie abusive boyfriend

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Kendall Knight Ex James Diamond boyfriend. Lucille "Lucy" Stone [2] Malese Jow is an aspiring singer-songwriter and musician who came to The Palm Woods in hopes of being a rock star. Lucy is a rocker. She has black hair with several red highlights in it. Originally her hair was brown, but she dyed it black with red streaks when she moved to Hollywood.


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Lucy Stone

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So here it is. I worte this story with the idea that the boys would br 17 and Katie 14 or I know she's only like 11 but I needed her to be older for the story. Oh they were going to get a piece of her mind. The four wet boys and 2 girlsfriends walked slowly into the apartment with looks on their faces that could only be described as fear. She closed the door behind the last one and turned to face them.

The girls sat off to the side. Knight stood there, arms folded, her face unimpressed by her son and his 3 friends. Just as she was about to speak the door opened and Katie walked in. Now normally she would know they were in trouble and would stay around to watch but she instead glared at each one before stoming off to her room, slamming it in Kendall's face.

Kendall gave Jo a pleading look and she nodded grabbing Camille's arm and walking into Katie's room. Knight did as he was told and looked up at his mom. Knight wasn't angry anymore and she sat on the table facing her 4 boys. All four boys started speaking at once. Sighing she held up her hand. The four boys of BTR were chilling by the pool.

It was, as Gustavo put it, their bone. They had the next 2 days off while he went with Kelly to New York preparing something for the boys when they went there next month. So for the next 2 days it was going to be hanging out and having fun. He wanted to spend all his time with her put unfortunatly he couldn't. Kendall snapped his fingers "You my friend, are right". Everyone was game except Camille who had to leave in an hour for another audition.

Logan offered to stay behind but she wouldn't have it and gave him a goodbye kiss before saying goodbye. The beach was crowded but they managed to find a spot for the day. By the time they got back to the Palmwoods they had endured 3 water fights and 2 actual fights when James had knocked Carlos's castle over and when, in revenge, Carlos covered James' hair with seaweed.

As usual, James won. The other 3 collapsed on the orange couch and waited. Not long after they arrived, Katie and Mrs. Knight arrived. I don't know the name but if all I have to do is put on some clothes and walk fine by me". Knight said, popping up from the fridge. If you didn't like it then why did you say yes? With a quick yelp she managed to close her bedroom door before he got there.

Who's next? All three ran but it was Logan who got there first. Kendall and Carlos would have to wait. The evening was quiet. The four plus 2 as Katie had started to refeer to them as were in the living room watching James and Carlos battling on Wii Sports boxing. Katie hadn't come out of her room yet and Kendall was kind of worried. Was she hiding something from him? She wouldn't, would she? Jo noticed his attention was off. Katie doesn't keep anything from me. We have no secrets" He said.

Jo smiled. She didn't think there was a closer brother and sister on th planet. Jo stood and went over to Katie's door. It's Jo. Can I come in? Yes I haven't forgotten I can't wait to see you too Katie had a boyfriend.

She stumbled but managed to land on the edge of the bed. Um Kendall sent me" she said, unable to hide her smile. Katie's eyes widened in shock and Camille shriek "Katie! The four boys looked at one another and shrugged "Girls stuff" they saidtogether before going back to their game.

Both girls were bouncing like 5 years olds on sugar. Katie sighed sitting in her chair. She had almost forgotten she had left her phone on hold. Yea sorry. Listen I have to go. I'll call you later? Ok I'll see you tomorrow then.

Okay Bye". Can I continue? Katie nodded "Here I'll show you" she went to her laptop that was on her bedside table and pulled up his actor's profile. She shook her head while Katie wasn't looking. Both girls nodded. Katie blushed and Jo smiled "Aww Katie". I totally forgot What am I going to do? I mean, I'm going to have to lie to him or else I will be going nowhere I mean we can do Katie day some other day" Jo didn't like this. She knew how much Kendall was looking forward to this.

He spent the whole day telling Jo about old Katie day's and how much he looked forward to them. She looked at her watch. It was almost 10 and that was her curfew. They both nodded and promised. Camille left first but Katie stopped Jo and hugged her. She saw Kendall smile at them from the couch, standing and walking over.

He nodded and she said her goodbyes to the others. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Katie woke early and dressed for the day ahead. She had a good feeling about today. Today she was going to get her first kiss. She smiled as she made her way to the kitchen. She noticed she was the only one up so made her way to the couch to watch the TV.

Within 20 minutes Kendall came out of his room. Putting her phone away as he walked in she smiled up at him. It was time. She moved so that she was sitting on the table across from him. She waiting while he replayed her words before looking up at her. It's your day. We do this every year! Why not this year? Maybe we can do it in a few weeks time". They want us to try out the clothes they want us to wear". I'm upset that we can't hang out thats all" She hugged her brother.

After Katie left the other boys woke and were surprised to see Kendall still in the apartment.

Which Big Time Rush character are you?

James had gone into the bathroom, stripping down to the bare nothing he then climbs beyond the plastic curtain, and very mechanically soaps his hotel issued wash rag. Then, with stiff limbs, begins washing himself: Over his chest, arms, and torso. And all the while his face remained frozen in disbelieving horror over his recent disturbing discovery. It wasn't until Kendall called through the door "See ya, James" on his way out, did the distraut male snap out of his stupor. Blinking in confusion, James' hazel gaze looks about the bathroom wondering how long he'd been out and he finds that his body is still dry, and he'd been wiping a dry rag around himself.

This a list of fictional characters in the television series, Big Time Rush. The article deals with main, recurring, minor character and notable guest stars.

So here it is. I worte this story with the idea that the boys would br 17 and Katie 14 or I know she's only like 11 but I needed her to be older for the story. Oh they were going to get a piece of her mind. The four wet boys and 2 girlsfriends walked slowly into the apartment with looks on their faces that could only be described as fear.

Kendall and Katie

Please leave empty:. Not which lyrics, but which song title BEST describes you? These are all BTR songs. Time of Our Life. City is Ours. Any Kind of Guy. Music Sounds Better With You. Get revenge. Tell everyone to remain calm. Come up with a solution.

I hope it's not too bad, this being my first Big Time Rush fic, but I personally really like it. This is actually the very first fanfiction story I ever came up with. So I thought I should go ahead, and type it up. She looks behind her to see Bitters standing there in a football uniform, and she rolls her eyes.

Hey guys! Thanks to JaylaHeart for telling me about this!

I, Katie Knight, was sitting in front of the TV, just flipping through channels. There was nothing to do around the apartment. But i honestly think that Gustavo is just shouting at them for majority of the time.

I accidentially let out a " Oww. We care about you. Of course I didn't believe him. I tried my hardest not to wince.

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Hey : So, this is my second story and this just seemed like it would be interesting to write about. I really hope that it turns out good and that you like it. Enjoy and leave a review! It will never happen again. You are so special to me and I would never hurt you. I read that text message from my boyfriend, Drew.

Hi guys! Here is the next chapter. I'm sorry it took almost a week, but I had a lot of homework over the weekend. I really hope you enjoy it, and I own Nothing! Leave a review if you want :. We were all just sitting there in shock after Katie ran away crying. I wanted to believe that the bruise was nothing, but it was a handprint and it was big.

Jul 8, - Katie and Kyle finally get into a relationship. How will her Big Time Brothers take it? Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Family - Katie K.

Katie clenched her teeth together hard, desperate not to sob as tears ran freely down her soft cheeks. Her body trembled violently as she clutched the sheets of her bed. Katie turned to lay stomach-down on the bed, burying her face into the fluffy pillow. She chocked out a sob into it and her structure shook violently as she hiccuped and tried to catch her pants before more sobs escaped her throat again.

I'm taking a chance and writing this so here we go. Katie pulled down the sleeves on her long sleeve shirt then grabbed her backpack walking downstairs. Katie Knight is in a abusive relationship. Covering up her scars was a normal thing these days.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Katie's Lovers :. Founder: Serenity Kills - Stories: 5 - Followers: 0 - id: Love Me by Serenity Kills reviews The boys return one year later from their world tour to find little Katie all grown up.





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