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Cute yoruba names for a baby boy

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This is why parents often come to the matter of choosing a name for their baby with all responsibility and research the absolutely unique ones with the most interesting meanings. Uncommon Yoruba female and male names with meaning Why choose an uncommon name? Uncommon Yoruba female and male names with meaning Besides that, there are research results that show how people with uncommon names differ from others. They have different ambitions, different characters, and different lives.

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July 22, at pm comments. Adunade; the sweetness of the crown Adunbi; one who is sweet to give birth to Adunke; one who is sweet to pamper Adunni; one who is sweet to have. Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet wealth Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty Ajibike; we woke up to take care of this one Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth.

Ara; means family. Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well Ayandele; the drummer has come home Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me. Bolajoko; one who sits with wealth Bolatito; so wealth is this big? Bolutife; it is as God desires Botiwunoluwa; as God desires D Dideolu; the rising of God Durodola; wait for wealth Durojaiye; wait to enjoy eat life Durosinmi; wait to bury me.

G Gbekelolu; rest on God Gbadewole; enter a place with the crown Gbolagunte; ascend the throne with wealth Gbolahan; show off wealth Gbowoade; receive the crown I Ibidokun; family becomes as wide as the sea Ibidun; child birth is sweet Ibijoke; family pampers together Ibikeye; childbirth brings honor Ibikunle; birth children fill the house Ibilola; childbirth is wealth Ibisola; childbirth makes wealth Ibiyemi; childbirth honors me Ibirinade; Ibironke; family has found who to pamper.

Okelanfa; Okiki; means fame Okikiade; fame of crown Okikiimole; fame of light Okikiola; fame of wealth Ola; means wealth. Olasunmbo; wealth moves closer to me Olasunkanmi; wealth moves nearer to touch me Olasupo; wealth clusters together Olatelemi; wealth follows me Olatemina; I also deserve wealth Olateju; wealth is abundant Olatidoye; wealth has become a title Olatokunbo; wealth from across the sea Olatoun; wealth is worth strife Olatunbosun; wealth has once more shifted forward Olatunji; wealth has been revived Olawale; wealth come home Olawepo; Olawuwo; wealth is heavy Olawuyi; Olayemi; wealth befits me Olayikanmi; wealth turned to touch me Olayiwola; wealth twists into wealth Olayinka; wealth surrounds me Olayonu; wealth has burdens.

They are used interchangeably. Olufumiso; God gave me this child to watch over Olufunke; God gave me to pamper Olufunmbi; God gave me to birth Olufunmilade; God has given me a crown Olufunmilola; God gives me wealth Oluwafunmilorinotun; God has given me a new song.

Oluwaseun; thanks be to God Oluwaseunbabaralaiyemi; God has done extremely great things for me. Oni; means person Onifede; here comes the person of love Onipede; here comes the consoler Oniyide; here comes the dignified one. Ori; means head Oriade; head of crown Oridola; head has become wealth Orimolade; the head knows who should be crown Oriola; head of wealth Oriyomi; my head has saved me.

Owo; this refers to money Owodunni; money is sweet to own Owolabi; money is what we have given birth to Owoseni; money can be had. Oyin; means honey. It refers also to sweetness Oyindamola; honey is mixed into wealth Oyindasola; honey pours into wealth Oyinkansola; honey drips into wealth Oyinlade;. The name given to the younger of a set of twins Tejumade; fix your gaze on the crown Temidayo; my life has taken a turn for good Temilade; mine is the crown Temilayo; mine is joy.

Joy is mine Temilolu; God is mine Temitayo; my case is worth joyfulness Temitope; mine my circumstances are worth thankfulness Tewogbola; stretch out your hands to receive wealth Tirenioluwa; it is yours, Lord! Yejide; mother has awoken Yetunde; mother has returned again Yewande; mother looked for me. Entry filed under: Uncategorized. Tags: naming ceremony , yoruba names , yoruba names and their meanings. Under what circumstances is a child named Dawodu? I ask because that name is used mostly as a designation but some people bear it.

Also, do you know the roots of that name eg Dabiri is from Da-ibi-ri. Thank you for your response. Have you given any kind of thought at all with translating your main web page into German? I know a couple of translaters right here which might help you do it for free if you wanna make contact with me personally.

I however have addition pls. Some of d names can be translated in more than one way. Job well done…. Femme Vs. I know of a place in Ifo Ogun State called Akute. To most Yoruba people, Honor is more valuable than Wealth. Oluwabukola means God increased my honor. This is indeed vry 9ce. Just that it differs from the meaning have always known.

You are right but sister, do you eally want to list all the names in yoruba languages alone? We are gifted in reasoning, we are rich in names and colour. It could also mean I am cleansed.

What is the meaning of Oluwaseyifunmi? Is it the same as Oluwasefumi? If not what is the meaning also thanks. Oluwaseyifunmi- God has done this for me Oluwasefumi — God has done it, this for me. Great compilation. As you may know, these people, were resettled in Freetown and around the villages. Well done for good job. Is there anything like Toyosi,Omotoyosi,Oluwatoyosior the real pronounciation of it and meaning. Wow great job…. Oluwayoyinsola: God has dropped honey into my wealth. Oluwagbemisinuola: God has lift me into wealth.

Oluwafirepemi: God has called me with blessings. Hi, thank you for this. I only wish there was a guide on pronunciation! I would hate to give any of these names to my children only to say it wrong and disrespect the beauty and meaning behind it….

This is really great and well done. She would love to know the meaning but the people who can tell her are not available. Please help. Ala is another name for Orisa nla. It represents everything clean and undiluted in the African Traditional religion and so The name Alatilewa means Orisa has beautify me. Very lovely job done here, even though there are still a lot of missing names. I love the fact there is a platform like this one bringing us close honour origin.

Well done. I love Yoruba names though am not Nigerian. Wish to name of my children a beautiful Yoruba names. Am a Liberian but am madly in love with the Yoruba names cuz it has strong meaning. I love Yoruba names though am not a Nigerian.

Wish to give a beautiful yoruba name to one of my children some days when i have kids. Though Am a Liberian, but am madly in love with the Yoruba names cuz it has strong meaning.

Very great post. In any case I will be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write once more very soon! What name can be given to a child whose mother went through hell e.

This is a latest and updated list of Yoruba baby names and meaning. The name is given to the older of a set of twins. My husband would like to give the name adedeji to our son, it means crown has doubled, I am curious to which crowns they are referring to? Does it mean he has two crowns? Good afternoon I apologize for my late response. I believe by now you know the meaning of the name. Ade means crown, royal, of royal heritage.

So it is likely your husband is an Ade himself and with the birth of your son, then Ade ti deji. There are 2 royals or double royalty in the household. Good afternoon Sorry for my late response. Mayowa is usually a diminutive for another name example Olumayowa Meaning God brings forth joy. Ayo means joy, happiness. There seems to be Yoruba mis-translations of these conditions in English usage.

Yoruba is a tonal language. Accent may used to give appropriate tone and differentiate them. Most Yoruba people would like to be in position honor first all because it is believed that the source of wealth can be irritating or sour.

For example Kofowola means did use money, instrument of Wealth Ola , to earn Honor Ola that is innate. Some may be accorded Olola-Olola by reference meaning Honorable and wealthy. The meaning of Kolawole for instance is Brought Honor into the home. Reblogged this on thisgirlcalledft. Good afternoon I believe your name is an Islamic name. Yoruba Muslims have a certain way of spelling Islamic or Arabic names.

Hi does anyone know the meaning of the following names Adebusola, Tanitoluwa, Ayomiposi, Oghenetega, Thank you. You have really tried on this, kudos! Tell ur researchers to do more. Thanks for developing this.!

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Forget about public school versus private, or breastfeeding versus forumula. The biggest — and one of the earliest — decisions facing parents-to-be is what to name their pending mini-me's. Choosing a non-traditional name can be difficult.

Any Yoruba Name Suggestions? Thanks in anticipation.

Image: Shutterstock. The meaning of a baby's name nowadays is just as significant as the name itself. It's all well and dandy to have an adorable sounding name, but what good is the name if the meaning is just.. Choosing an excellent moniker for your future kid is just as important as how the name both looks and sound.

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Yoruba people have a lot of beautiful names for their baby boys. These names are of different types. There are natural names that a child is said to bring from heaven, traditional names for praising the child in form of Yoruba poetry based on his lineage and then the regular or modern names. These are names that some specific children are believed to have brought from heaven due to some circumstances surrounding their birth. For example, twin children are automatically called Taiwo and Kehinde. Also a child who was born with the umbilical cord around his neck is called Aina. A child born with natural dreads is called Dada and so on.

Male Yoruba Baby Names Beginning With A

The majority of the Yoruba people speak the Yoruba language which is a tonal Niger-Congo language. Yoruba is a Nigerian language spoken in West Africa mainly in Nigeria. The number of speakers of Yoruba was estimated at around 20 million in the s. The native tongue of the Yoruba people is spoken principally in Nigeria and Benin, with communities in other parts of Africa, Europe and the Americas. Yoruba names are primarily used by the Yoruba people and Yoruba language-speaking individuals in Benin, Togo, and the Nigerian.

We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Oluwatobiloba.

Yoruba names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings. It is believed that the name will have an impact on the destiny of the child or family. Below is a list of Yoruba names and meaning.

137 Yoruba Baby Boy Names With Meanings

July 22, at pm comments. Adunade; the sweetness of the crown Adunbi; one who is sweet to give birth to Adunke; one who is sweet to pamper Adunni; one who is sweet to have. Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet wealth Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty Ajibike; we woke up to take care of this one Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth.


Many parents attach a lot of significance to the names they give their children. It is the first piece of information available to another. A child naming ceremony is often organized seven days after the birth of the child. However, things have changed in the twenty-first century especially with the advent of Christianity and Islam. Parents grandparents and, in rare cases, family friends suggest beautiful Yoruba names for the baby.

Yoruba Boy Names


Oluwatobiloba is a boy's name of Yoruba origin meaning "God is a great king". Find other names based on Oluwatobiloba using our baby name generator.








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