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Dream ex boyfriend died meaning

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When you dream that someones dies, it is always traumatic. You wake up with your heart pounding as a cold sweat creeps over your forehead. When the person who dies in the dream is your ex-boyfriend, it feels traumatic, but it is also confusing. You should no longer care about the relationship, but you still wake up feeling afraid that something terrible will happen. There are a few different meanings behind this dream. To figure out what it really means, you have to look at what happened in the dream, what is going on in your present life and how you currently feel about your ex-boyfriend.

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What Does It Mean If My Ex-Boyfriend Dies in My Dream?

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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. What does this mean? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: My ex died in my dream. My ex died in my dream. Hi guys, My ex gf broke up with me 1,5 years ago after a relationship of nearly 1,5 years. It was my first long-term relationship, and it was extremely intense we met in Spain, lovedrunk, studying abroad, the perfect love story. I had never felt like this before, for the first time in my life I felt I finally met someone who fully understood, appreciated, loved and adored me, and I felt I could start a family and have children with someone.

I don't even know, still, at this point, if I'll ever get something as intense as that with someone. But as in most passionate relationships, we had our lows. And they were very low. She was very emotionally needy, I was too aloof, couldn't give her the confirmation and reassurance she needed, I was too young, too carefree, although I loved her a lot. She needed the father-figure I could not be. The break-up was ugly. She befriended most of our mutual friends, and they slowly but surely didn't invite me anymore to social events.

I was left with little to no friends. I never felt so alone and sad in my life. I blamed myself for everything. Until I started reading about relationships and break-ups, because I wanted to grow and learn from my mistakes. I discovered I'm very sensitive, and I allow people too easily to cross my borders, and I have some narcissistic and some more codependency traits.

I also discovered my ex shows a lot of traits from Borderline Personality Disorder the blaming, not taking responsibility for her own mistakes, the uncountable boyfriends and flings she's had since me, the manipulation, the black and white thinking, viewing me as her knight in shining armour, isolating me from friends, manipulating people without them realizing, subtly distorting reality, the lability in emotions, the extremely good first impressions she can make on people, the fun, attractive, unusual personality, her knowing exactly what to do to please people, the dreaminess that I loved about her, the good sex.

I realized I had to let go of this. Even though I missed some things about this relationship very much, it could and would never work. We are too different. We can't fulfill each other emotional wishes. We have different life goals.

I have done my best not to ever contact her, and even if I sometimes see her, try to keep conversations short, polite and distant. In the beginning I was using NC to get her back, but eventually, I realized it was for the better to completely let go.

I just want to move on, learn to know what I want from life, what I want for me, learn to love myself more, and become a better and stronger person. I think I've already come a fairly long way with that, although there's still a long way to go. I definitely feel a lot stronger because of this horrible break-up, because the intensity of pain I didn't even think I could feel.

I feel I overcame it. On my own. This night I dreamed she died because of a horrible accident while she was on skiing holiday with a group of friends and family.

I cringed in my sleep. I was in shock, devastated. But, at the same time, I felt like saying goodbye to a person from my past. Like a dear old friend you say goodbye to. You love them, but most of all it's a memory of love. I felt like I wanted to comfort her family, say a nice word about her at her funeral. I felt like I will always love her, be compassionate about her, but more as a distant love that once was, not as an active love anymore.

She's come off the pedestal long ago, and I've hated her for months and months, but now my view of her has become more balanced, I feel, I see her bad traits but I also see her good qualities again, and appreciate them, and I truly wish her the best with her future husband, which I'm hoping for her will be a good, strong, sweet guy who can first of all take care of himself.

Surely at times I feel like I might have some old sparks left for her, but I feel like I'm through most of the mourning process. Is this dream a sign that I'm finally over her? I hope so God, for a second when I woke up I was afraid it really happened Last edited by manu85; at AM. Yeah, pretty much it means you've separated yourself from her and moved on. When she died in your dream, was she in the lake or solid ground?

If no water around her not snow , then it's no indication of true death. You still love her i'm sure, but you've managed to lose the passion for her. Time for you to look for other girls and build new memories. Lol, bizarre question! I only remember her fearful face, while together with her group of friends, skiing, looking at some approaching disaster, probably an avalanche or something. I didn't dream about the actual moment she was killed, nor did I see a dead body after that.

The next image was her facebook page, turned colorless, gray, freezed, like it was blocked or something. There was a birth and death date on her page.

There was an invititation of her family to her funeral. It felt extremely real. I was very aware of her death in my dream, I could feel my own surprise, amazement, shock and rollercoaster of emotions. But you're right, I'm noticing I'm looking at other girls again, I'm interested in meeting people, and slowly but surely, I'm losing the fear of getting involved with someone again I think I had some form of posttraumatic stress disorder for months after the break-up, lol Most importantly, I think, I'm placing my own happiness first now.

I first need to be happy myself, and be fulfilled with my own life first, before I can or want to love someone else and make someone else happy again. Twice I have dreamt of ex funerals. The first on was within a week of breaking up and I woke up with the feeling fully aware that our relationship was over and never ever going to come back. The second one I dreamt of his funeral a month ago - after being split up for a year and a half! When I dreamt of his funeral a month ago, I took it to mean that like the first time it happened with a previous ex I had finally detached and in my own way I was relieved I was moving on , and sad the realisation its truly over.

After the dream I thought I was at the final stage of grieving for him after a year and a half. However something strange happened after which never has before.

A week later I dreamt I was getting married something I have never done. A week after I dreamt we got back together, something I have never done either. The thing is this after a year and a half of being broken up and despite my funeral dream I STILL wish we were back together and I still cant let go, though for my own sanity and sake I wish I could let go.

Who knows what dreams me - with my first ex it truly did mean the end, but with my second it lead to a dream of marriage and making up!

Sounds like you answered your own question. Yeah, the dream did not have any further meaning because although I hate to admit it, but I've seen a few people with dream premonition before and so I had to ask you that. Good for you! The first week after my BU, I had Since its one of my friends who started dating my ex, I had dreams where I was very violent to her.

I'll spare the details, since you get the idea. After that, there have been scarce dreams about him. Most of them, to my surprise, of not getting back together and just me telling him how much he's hurt me. Only a couple, if I recall, where we made up.

Last night, I can vaguely remember. It went along the lines of my friend my ex's current GF frantically trying to reach me by phone and FB. Something was telling me during the dream it had to do with him and her.

Broke-up or something, but I never responded. Its kind of weird. These dreams are few and far apart from each other. I don't know what it means. Dreams have about as much bearing on real life as fortune cookies or palm readers. Don't read too deeply into it. My dreams post breakup were all over the map.

Even pre-breakup there was some scary one. But in the end, it doesn't matter. Can you explain true death associated with water Originally Posted by TheLoneliest.

Last night I dreamt of holding my ex girl's dead head in my hand. Skin below head was stitched together and i can see something weird inside her mouth when i opened it. Still her face looked fresh.

An Expert Decodes Those Very Confusing Dreams About Your Ex

The good news is, these types of dreams are totally normal. And before you freak out, dreams about your exes are too. But if you want to decode a specific dream about an ex, here are the 10 most common ones and what they may mean for you:. Um, so this is awkward.

If you are currently in a nice relationship then this dream could just be another sign of your prosperity and the fact that you have given up that last part of your life for a newer life that involves greater happiness with your current boyfriend. If you have a dream where your dead ex boyfriend is in it and you are in a bad relationship at the time or not in a relationship at all, then this usually comes about because of how much you long for the past relationship which you gave up some time ago.

I find a shoe box filled with colored paper hearts and cards I have given him over the years. They are falling out of the box as I'm lifting it and I see the colors red and purple. I see myself on his brown couch, crying to someone while trying to explain that a death of a loved one is very different from a break up. There aren't any decisions made when death happens.

Dream About Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Girlfriend And Prayers

The average person dreams four to six times per night. Out of all the different dream types, a dream about your ex-boyfriend can be one of the most disconcerting. You thought that you had finally moved on, but then you kept having these dreams over and over again. No matter what you do, you keep waking up with a racing heartbeat. Now, you want to know: what does it mean when you dream about your ex-boyfriend? If you want to learn more, check out this article on how to interpret your dreams about relationships. Most people dream about their ex-boyfriend at some point. Dreams are created by your subconscious mind, so they naturally include a blend of your memories, thoughts, feelings and desires. Sometimes, a dream about your ex-boyfriend shows a deeper meaning that reflects how you currently feel about your ex-boyfriend or your last relationship. In other cases, these dreams are just memories pulled up at random from your subconscious.

Interpretation of a dream about ex-boyfriend

I loved him so much in reality, and he's still trying to keep me in his life by being friends, but I just don't know why I dreamed of him dying of a broken heart. Not over me, but because he got in trouble with authority again. A dream of death indicates the changing of feelings or a relationship. I believe his broken heart is an indication of the guilt you placed upon yourself that the relationship failed no matter who ended it. The authority represents his life as you see it, possibly the reason for the break up.

Remember Me?

Or maybe, you just feel guilty about breaking up with them. Whatever the case may be, dreaming about an ex is always, always going to mess with your head. We all have them.

Dream Dictionary Dead ex-boyfriend

Weird feeling I may say. He's the only ex that I had tons of history with and can't seem to forget about as I have with the others. Haven't spoken to him in nearly 9 months now

In my dream I was told by my mom that my boyfriend had died that morning, that they found him at home on his couch. I didn't cry at first. Then, I was sitting on a couch watching TV and one of my aunts came in and said "Hey hun,hows your day going, should I even ask" then that's when I started crying. I woke up terrified. She then turned off her cellphone.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex-Boyfriend?

To dream that you die in your dream represents current internal alterations, changes, or growth. These dreams can conjure up a sense of anxiousness and alarm, and it is often labeled as something positive. These dreams signify that drastic adjustments within your life are coming. You are heading into new realms and possibilities and walking away from your past. Death can be viewed as a transformation, a way out of old habits. On a darker note, dreams of death could also signify that you are involved in difficult circumstances or actions. You could be feeling trapped or isolated by a situation.

Oct 18, - A dream expert explains why you dream about sleeping with your ex, being An Expert Decodes Those Very Confusing Dreams About Your Ex sense of being vulnerable to love and a new relationship has died,” she says.

Dream about ex boyfriend represent connection with your lost friends. The person could be your classmate, or childhood friends. However, If you are not in good terms with the person, this dream clearly tells you to resolve your differences.

Here’s Exactly What These 7 Types Of Dreams About Your Ex Mean

Sue has been an online writer for over eight years. She is a mother, social worker, writer, and dream interpreter. Most dreams of death and dying symbolize the end of something old and the start of something new.

Dreaming About an Ex? An Expert Explores 23 Reasons Why

Having dreams about an ex can be unnerving and leave you feeling confused, or perhaps guilty if you are currently in a new relationship. They can make you question your feelings while you attempt to understand why you dreamt about that person. And according to analysis on dreammoods. Dreaming about being visited by an ex can mean that you are reflecting on positive past experiences.

Waking up from a dream about an ex can be jarring.

If you saw your ex boyfriend in your dream, this means you are too much dedicated to your past. Your former relations do not let you go, start a new life and change priorities. If you were kissing your ex boyfriend in a dream, this means you will be pretty much surprised. Sex with your ex boyfriend predicts an old conflict escalation.

I had a dream my ex boyfriend died?


Having dreams about an ex? Here’s what they mean


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