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Facebook is useful for connecting with friends and staying in touch with business contacts. The social media website provides several options for controlling your friends list, including the ability to delete friends from the list and limit or hide the updates from friends that appear on your news feed. Type a deleted friend's name in the search box at the top of your Facebook screen labeled "Search for people, places and things. Locate the name of your friend if it appears in the list or click the "See More Results" link at the bottom of the list to find the name. Click the "Add Friend" box next near the top of the person's Facebook Timeline to send her a friend request. The person is reinstated as a friend if she accepts your friend request.

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How to Use Facebook Custom Friends Lists To Organize Your Friends

In response to the concerns over the misuse of user data, the social network has yet again brought in some changes. They have limped its Invitable friends API, breaking apps and games that were supported by that data. All in all, the social channel has now taken the organic growth of apps a lot closer to zero.

In simpler words, the social media giant is removing the feature that enabled games to let their users see which of their Facebook friends could be invited to the game. Remember how you received endless invites for Candy Crush? So now players will only get the option to invite those Facebook friends that are already playing the game. You can no longer count on bulk social invites because they can only be sent to those who you are already acquired.

Facebook makes it harder to get access to user friends. Talking about permissions, Facebook also announced that all access tokens will need to be renewed every 90 days with the consent of the person using your game. There goes your ability to connect your players with their friends for instant gamification! According to a study conducted by Facebook itself, paying users are 2. They tend to stick to the game longer if their social connections are in place.

This means that irrespective of Facebook going limp on its Graph API, your game needs to find alternate acquisition channels and will need to map the relationships between users in order to improve their gaming experience. In a typical scenario, a user would invite his friends to the app. The GetSocial Social Graph generates a fully automated graph for your game. It connects your existing users with the friends they have invited to it, irrespective of the channel they used to send the invite — it could be social invites or an invite via chat apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and others.

This enables developers and marketers to create highly personalized campaigns that can focus on creating group engagement and gamification scenarios that would actively engage the related users. Greater user engagement. This could be to nudge them to compete against each other or work towards a common goal as a team. Either way, a contextual campaign boosts the number of app sessions per user, improving the overall user engagement rate as well. Reduced user churn.

The more you keep your players actively engaged, the lower are the churn rates. When you create a social network for your players within the game, they are more likely to remain motivated to play and have frequent app sessions. This reduces your churn rates drastically and creates a loyal community of players as well!

Viral loop of referrals. Once the user experiences what playing with his friends feels like, he is more likely to participate in sending more game requests in his circle. Their intention to grow their in-game group will get you more users organically. Also read: Best practices for creating a referral program in mobile games. Higher in-app monetization.

The only way to monetize higher is to create a community of active players who can nudge one another to convert. With the Social Graph implemented, each of players can see what their friends are doing. Also read: 10 in-app monetization tactics that guarantee higher revenue. Easy integration. In 5 minutes, you can map out the relationship between all your users for the next engagement and monetization strategy. Complete data ownership. And most importantly, you own all the data that the GetSocial Social Graph generates.

You can use this user relationship data to fuel your future acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization campaigns for a higher level of personalization, and greater conversion rates. The organic reach of your game is nearing zero on the social channel due to the changes in Facebook invitable friends and Graph API, and ever-increasing advertising budgets. Ready to leverage social relationships without Facebook APIs?

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Facebook nixes Friend List Feeds, but Friend Lists live on

In response to the concerns over the misuse of user data, the social network has yet again brought in some changes. They have limped its Invitable friends API, breaking apps and games that were supported by that data. All in all, the social channel has now taken the organic growth of apps a lot closer to zero. In simpler words, the social media giant is removing the feature that enabled games to let their users see which of their Facebook friends could be invited to the game. Remember how you received endless invites for Candy Crush?

This wikiHow teaches you how to edit your Facebook friends list on an Android phone or tablet. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Today I decided to make similar tutorial, but for facebook. I think that it can be very interesting for you to get a list of your friends. Firstly, we should create our own new application at Facebook. Now, please pur your application id and secret in the beginning of our code, and only after lets review our rest code.

Friend List

This is my second story on Medium. I have moved on from struggling to code to being a bit comfortable since the first story. I wrote a Python code to extract publicly available data on Facebook. Getting the Access Token:. To be able to extract data from Facebook using a python code you need to register as a developer on Facebook and then have an access token. Here are the steps for it. This blog is primarily on getting events data. If not, download these libraries. Getting list of Events:. To get the list of events, do:.

How to use Facebook Graph API and extract data using Python!

This articles describes how to retrieve your Facebook Friends list as well as calculate the total number of your Facebook Friends. Basically this articles tells you how to retrieve your Facebook Friends list and this application also calculates the total number of your Facebook Friends. To do that, use the following procedure. After clicking on the image given below, the "dialog box" has been opened, you can provide the name of your application then click on the "Continue" button.

Facebook has been culling various features that take it away from its new " back to basics " emphasis on people over brands.

The feeds allowed you create a personalized version of social network that only showed posts from a predefined friend list. But the feature has now been shut down, Facebook announced Thursday. Friends List Feeds worked with Friend Lists which you'll still be able to create , according to TechCrunch, which first reported the change.

How to Reinstate Friends on Facebook

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. It would not have been what you expected anyway, it was only for lists, not friends directly.

Facebook's currency is you — you and all of your personal information. That's one reason Facebook likes to keep most information about you public. By default, your profile information, posts, and even your friends are available for all to see. In practice, it's often convenient for your friends list to be public, because it can help people to find and connect with you, by verifying friends they also know. If you prefer, you can restrict who can see your entire Friends list using Facebook's privacy settings. You might not want everyone to see it, especially if you want to mask the identity of some friends from others.

User Friendlists

Facebook has been around for a while, but chances are, you have no idea about the several hidden features buried within the social network. It's easy to only use the surface of Facebook: You log on, check your notifications, send a few chats, post a status or a photo, then close it out. If you're feeling adventurous, you may dive into the Settings panel and adjust your preferences. But there's so much more you can do - and we're not just talking about the basic stuff like blocking or managing post privacy. Here are a few tips and tricks really worth knowing, and keep checking back, as we plan to update this piece over time. Also, check out Pocket-lint's Facebook Messenger round-up for more handy tips and tricks. Facebook offers a neat feature that lets you instantly connect with anyone who represents the area where you live, through a feature called Town Hall.

Apr 30, - You can only get data of users/friends who authorized your App. You can use the /me/friends endpoint for that. Another thread about getting all  Facebook Graph API v+ - /me/friends returns empty.

The following are some tips for managing your Friends list in Facebook. These can help you control both the list itself and which friends can see what information:. Set up rules for who makes the cut. You may already have some ideas of why you accept certain friend requests and ignore others. Put some thought into what rules you want to follow to make that determination from now on.

How to hide your Friends list on Facebook, from everyone or only certain people

Facebook friends. Hundreds of people that include your close friends and family, as well as someone you met once or twice walking your dog in the park. Facebook allows you to create custom friend lists.

Facebook gets rid of its Friend List Feeds feature






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