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Speaking to HT after her mixed doubles campaign at the Syed Modi International Grand Prix came to a close, Ponnappa said, in India, the male players often want to dictate terms. One should give equal opportunity to his female counterpart too, and I believe that women partners can play well from the baseline too. She said the experience of playing with international doubles players such as Robert Blair and Joachim Fischer Nielsen was refreshing as they were flexible about the playing position. Ponnappa, however, said Manu Attri, with whom she partnered at the Syed Modi badminton championship, was different. The duo though lost in the first round.


Why Do We Ask The Impossible From Women Partners at Badminton Mixed Doubles?

A high percentage of games played at club, league, county and international level are mixed doubles. What still amazes me when I watch mixed doubles in club and league is the inability of some men to truly appreciate the vital role that women play in this partnership. For some men, even the word partnership is alien. They think of mixed doubles as a variation of singles with a woman also stood on court.

How poor is that? If they only could see and understand the art of mixed doubles compared to level doubles. But, it can still be a fast and powerful game. So why is it that, with all of these attributes, the majority of club and league badminton players fail to understand the game well enough to excel? Without doubt, in some cases ego has got in the way. These are the guys who like to hit the shuttle hard from the rear court and are usually totally clueless at the net.

In particular, the speed of the shuttle on and around the net. A super-fast interception is a combination of being in the right place, reading the game and sometimes pure fluke.

And what happens when the man smashes straight through the woman? You probably know this answer…our really kind man thinks, if not tells his partner to keep her racquet up at the net.

Does this sound familiar? Changing our egotistical or uninformed friend may be one bridge too far, at least if you tackle him head-on! A more subtle approach may work better. Instead, take a step back and work from a base that is say 30cm behind the doubles service line.

Master a block return which is the best approach in mixed to get you back into your strongest formation. A good low serve will force your opponents to lift the shuttle. Keeping the attack will cut out many of the problems in mixed which usually stem from a defensive position. Make sure you hit the shuttle downwards and quickly return to the net.

Develop a nice easy straight fast drop which travels past the lady and in front of the man. This gives you time to move and makes your opponents hesitate sometimes both leaving it or both going for the same shuttle.

Ask questions when your partner is with you about what went wrong or how to improve. They may not like a truthful response but at least the message is delivered. In lower leagues and clubs overall skill levels in both men and women may not be as high as first division, but you can still have extremely exciting games and matches.

Cutting out simple mistakes is one area that everyone can massively improve on, in particular serving and receipt of serve. After that, understanding roles in doubles and mixed doubles are vital to winning. There is no reason why anyone should be expected to be super-human to return the shuttle; we just need to apply a huge dose of realism. Mixed doubles in particular seems to get more attention for partnership fallouts than level doubles.

The main reason, I believe, personalities aside, is that the man is asking way too much of their partner and is failing to create the situations where the lady is shining in the game. Aside from that, the basic requirement here is education. Ignorance may not be a good defence but unless we educate men in clubs and leagues to understand the roles, skills and reasons why they are so misguided, then nobody is going to win! Women also need educating too so they try to maintain the strongest formation.

I hope my suggestions help in changing a potentially nasty situation from arising. As always, I welcome comments and unless they are full of mindless profanity, they will be published on my blog. This article is meant to provoke to a degree, question and try to draw some conclusions as to what can be done to solve this age-old problem.

I rest my case. When my partner is serving, and he wants to use a flick serve, then where should I move after he has served? What should I do? But now, when the opponent serves a good short serve, my options are limited to a lift or a drop, and rarely a drive as i pick up the shuttle a little lower than preferred.

I usually choose to drop the shuttle, to play safe, but my options become more limited, with only drops and even then I tend to make mistakes, when i try to keep the return too close to the net. I just found this article, and I hope you can help clarify my doubts! Thank you so much for this article! Alternatively, you should try punching the shuttle low into the corners.

My problem is: 1 whose responsibility is it when the shuttlecock falls in the mid court area? If I try I tend to knock the shuttle off course or make a bad return. So my question is; what am i doing wrong, or is there a strategy that might help us resolve these problems? My guess is that your partner wishes you to step in front of the service line and perform miracles. Let me answer your questions in the order you have asked them. It is not up to the lady to step back onto a shot or reach back to intercept.

Your partner has completely unrealistic expectations of what you are capable of doing form your current positioning. As long as you have your racket in play around net height then you are doing all that can be expected of you. If so, if you are positioned correctly then you stand a chance of intercepting a smash. If he lifts up the middle then you are a sitting target and have no chance. At times like this you are in survival mode.

Keep your racket in front of your face for protection. Without seeing you play as a pair, my guess is your partner is simply asking way too much of you.

It would be interesting to see how many shuttles he intercepts if he stands where is expects you to stand. The idea in mixed doubles is that you play very similar to level doubles in terms of positioning. If your partner is hitting downwards from the rear court I could place you around 1 metre back from the front service line. This way you are in mid court and can look forward to intercept shuttles that are mostly in front of you.

If he plays a drop shot you begin to close in to the net so that you threaten to cover a net shot return. If your partner lifts to the centre of the court, I would expect my partner to take a level doubles formation. If your partner is playing a shot from the mid court I would expect you to stand behind the front service line.

He wants a wonder woman partner who has the skill level above that of an international player. If you see any Krypton lying around maybe that it will help you.

Your partner is asking way too much and needs to sort their game out first. Hi Paul, I have a question about service in MX doubles: When I am serving, could my female partner stand in front of the short service line? The answer is yes, but why would you wish to push her so far forward that she will struggle to intercept any returns? Also, I take it you are pushing your base forward to be closer for serving. This means you are seriously exposing your rear court and placing a great strain on yourself to retrieve with a good attacking shot.

Thanks for the advice Paul. And because in MD and XD people stand a little differently my serves are just not as good. Having good service technique is paramount in doubles.

If you watch the players, there are many different styles of serve. Finding the style to fit you is the important factor here.

Just joined the forum, probably too late to make comments on this topic, but I really feel like contributing to this topic from a female player point of view. I used to play mixed doubles a lot when I was fitter and faster and enjoyed staying at the front court.

Paul is absolutely right — playing at the front is not very easy as we have less time to respond to shots and sometimes it can be quite scary to stay at the front when you partner hit a short lift. I am not sure if it is because I am too slow for those shots or not, but I do feel that I have much less opportunities to be involved in the games. I think communication is very important. I prefer to have a quick chat with my partner before the game to let him know what to expect, such as I will drop or clear to the lady when I am pushed to the back, but I will move forward straight after the shot.

This way, my partner knows that he will need to cover any clears to my side after this shot. If my partner is good at defense, I will make it clear that everything goes between us when we are in defending position, my partner needs to take it.

This means the shuttle is travelling across your body rather than travelling towards you — very different. Your partner may be tired of having shuttles fired at her and perhaps thinks that you lift the shuttle too much. So, before you start messing with her game, why not consider the circumstances that cause this situation and see if you can change your response.

Instead of lifting, what else could you do? Look at your attack as a pair first of all and see if you can find out how to improve it. The other thing you can work on is making sure that when you do lift, you lift into the corners and get a good length. You stand far more chance of getting the shuttle back as your opponents smash cannot penetrate the same from the back line.

The key to improving together is co-operation. I think I need to work on a,b,c to reduce the amount I lift. What else can we do as a pair to improve our defence? Or would I be better off trying to persuade her to start playing a part in our defense and risk her thinking of me as one of those ego-maniacs you talk about in the article? Any extra advice here would be grately appreciated, thanks. I agree with all your points.

Six tips from pros to improve your doubles badminton game

Perth WA Male, Want to meet new people and play the game. I am a 38 yo male, living in Toowoomba.

Two days ago we were mentioning sports who are celebrating their anniversary as a part of EUSA family of sports and badminton is along tennis and futsal that for 15th year in a row gather students and promote university sport as well as gender equality. Since the beginning it was decided that the core of badminton sport would be teams that are consisted from at least 2 men and 2 women badminton players and members of teams can compete also in the individual and in the doubles.

Lauren Smith born 26 September is an English badminton player. Teamed-up with Gabrielle Adcock , she won the women's doubles gold medals at the English National Badminton Championships in and Smith qualified to represent Great Britain at the European Games , played in the women's doubles with Chloe Birch and in the mixed doubles with Marcus Ellis. Competed as the unseeded and second seeds in the women's and mixed doubles event respectively, she reached the finals in both events.

Lauren Smith (badminton)

According to the official badminton rules set up by the BWF, the partner of a server can stand anywhere on the court as long as the position where the partner stands does not blocks the vision of the receiver. This means that the receiver must be able to clearly see the badminton serve being performed by the server. The server will deliver the service from the front while the partner stands behind. This allows the partner to get ready to produce a powerful smash IF the receivers lift the shuttle high in the air. The picture above shows you the ideal standing position for men or women doubles upon delivering the serve. The player standing behind the server should not stand too far back, because he or she is required to cover for the server, just in case the opponents decide to hit to the shuttle to the sides of the court point A and B in the picture above. For example, if the rally now requires the man to serve, the male player will stand behind the female partner to serve from the centre of the court. The lady at the front must squat down low enough to enable the receiver to clearly see the server male player serving from behind. The 2nd picture on top of the page click on it to enlarge shows you the ideal serving formation in mixed doubles, where men deliver the service. These serving formations in badminton doubles are very efficient and good for winning a badminton game.

Where can be the position of playmate during a service?

Written by Deepti Patwardhan Published on Top doubles player Ashwini Ponnappa, her partner N Sikki Reddy, and coach Tan Kim Her give us some pro tips to become a better doubles badminton player. If badminton is rock music, doubles badminton is heavy metal. Faster, sharper, more chaotic, more emphatic beats per second; the doubles game feels like someone has turned up the volume and energy levels on a badminton court. Unlike doubles in racquet sports like tennis and squash, doubles badminton is a specialist art.

This was her breakthrough moment. As she despatched the Olympic Gold medalist there was a palpable feeling of a generational shift.

Badminton , court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. These types of shuttles may still be used in modern play, but shuttles made from synthetic materials are also allowed by the Badminton World Federation. The game is named for Badminton , the country estate of the dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire , England , where it was first played about

Michelle Li

In doubles, it is NOT a fault if both players the pair delivering the service stand in the same box. In doubles, you will stand very near to the net to deliver the serve. This enables you to reach early to the shuttle if your opponent returns your serve with a net shot. In mixed doubles, the serving formation is the same as doubles when the female delivers the serve.

A high percentage of games played at club, league, county and international level are mixed doubles. What still amazes me when I watch mixed doubles in club and league is the inability of some men to truly appreciate the vital role that women play in this partnership. For some men, even the word partnership is alien. They think of mixed doubles as a variation of singles with a woman also stood on court. How poor is that? If they only could see and understand the art of mixed doubles compared to level doubles.

Pernille Harder (badminton)

Team Canada. Michelle Li is the most successful Canadian female badminton player ever — not bad for an athlete who has wanted to change the sport in Canada since she won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games. In she made her debut at the Pan Am Games where she was also a double gold medallist. In Li became the first Canadian woman to ever win badminton singles gold at the Commonwealth Games. Another highlight came at the prestigious All-England Open where she advanced to the quarterfinals, helping her to reach a career-high singles world ranking at number Li successfully defended her singles gold medal at the Pan Am Games in , where she also won doubles bronze with Rachel Honderich. After a 17 th place finish at Rio , Li took a full year off to recover from injuries she sustained in the lead up to Games, returning in to qualify for the BWF World Tour Finals and leading Canada to the quarterfinals in the Uber Cup. Enter your email to reset your password.

Badminton, court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. Behind the News (A Britannica Publishing Partner) See all videos for this article Susi Susanti (Indonesia) competing for the women's singles title in the

Harder competed in badminton at the Summer Olympics in women's doubles with partner Mette Schjoldager. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Badminton player.







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