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Welcome to the archives of Refugees Deeply. While we paused regular publication of the site on April 1, , we are happy to serve as an ongoing public resource on refugees and migration. We continue to produce events and special projects while we explore where the on-site journalism goes next. Although much has been written about Syrian refugee women in Turkey being sold into marriage, little is known of the Syrian men selling themselves in wedlock.

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These Syrian Women Rarely Left the House. Then the Men Disappeared.

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For Talia, Istanbul was only a refuge from war and a place where she could continue her university education before becoming the wife of a Turkish man and the mother of a child whose future could be better than the future of thousands of Syrian children in Turkey. Knowing the Turkish language opened her sole linguistic communication channel with her husband, who does not speak any Arabic or English. Talia had to make a greater effort to develop their relationship and achieve harmony between them.

Even though her lack of vocabulary prevents her from being able to fully express herself, the affection between them enabled them to overcome that obstacle. According to the statistics for , Turkish men who married Syrian women made up about Having a common religion might justify the desire of a large number of Turkish men to marry Syrian women.

Islam is also the source of many other factors that motivate Turkish men to marry Syrian women. While the motives may seem logical on both sides, Talal al-Kharrat, 27 years old, was not driven by any specific rules or motives when choosing his wife. Rather, he proposed to his Turkish wife Khadija because he loves her, a sentiment that they were able to express to each other in a neutral language.

English poems were a substitute for Arabic love poems and Turkish love songs. It is probable that Talal would not find the understanding and appreciation he felt from his Turkish in-laws when proposing to a Syrian girl. Customs and traditions still control the details of most marriages among Syrians. Families ask for a high dowry to give their daughters in marriage, which most Syrian young men cannot afford. Neighboring countries in which Syrians have sought asylum have also witnessed many marriages between male citizens and Syrian women, namely Egypt, where more than 12, Egyptian men have married Syrian women, according to official statistics.

Europe, which has been a refuge for thousands of young Syrian men fleeing war and mandatory service, has also been a gateway to greater freedom of choice when it comes to marriage.

However, this freedom of choice has often led to Syrian men marrying European women. However, these marriages seem more difficult compared to marriages with other Arabs or with Turks. This is what Omar, a young man who left Hama for Denmark and married a Danish woman there, soon realized when he found that fundamental differences between the two cultures and religions were capable of weakening any marital relationship, even leading to its total collapse.

He and his Danish wife divorced after four months, despite legal obstacles. The phenomenon of Syrians marrying foreigners in asylum countries raises many questions about their return to Syria, which is often impossible even after the end of the war.

Talal does not want to deprive his wife of being in her country and close to her family. Talia says she will obtain Turkish citizenship a year from now and may visit Syria one day but will not leave her home or her husband behind. Customs and traditions have long regulated the issue of marriage in Syrian society. However, these were swept aside by the war raging in Syria for the past six years, in addition to the conditions of asylum that forced more than five million Syrians to integrate and open up to other societies that differ from the conservative society to which they were accustomed.

As a natural consequence of war and displacement around the world, many young Arab men have taken to marrying Syrian girls in countries of asylum that are geographically close and similar to Syria socially-speaking, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, which have collectively received nearly two million Syrian refugees. These marriages have been carried out legally according to the laws of the country.

Nibal al-Alou, an expert in sociology and head of protection at the Sabra and Shatila Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, told Enab Baladi that more than 10 percent of Syrian women living in Lebanon have married Lebanese citizens.

She relates this to the fact that Syrian women have fewer demands than their Lebanese counterparts. Jordan does not differ much from other countries, as it has witnessed more than 11, marriages between Syrian females and Jordanian citizens since according to a statistic issued by the Central Judicial District in the capital Amman in , which indicated that in most of these cases the Syrian woman was becoming a second wife.

The same statistics indicate the marriage of approximately 6, Syrian females residing in Jordan with Arab or Western residents in alone. In Egypt, there has been a remarkable rise in marriages between young Egyptian males and Syrian females. What is striking is that Syrian women are often first wives in Egypt. It is likely that the number of these marriages has increased in Egypt since , given the absence of official statistics in recent years.

In Turkey, which received nearly three million Syrian refugees, figures do not differ much despite the differences in language between Syrians and Turks. Although marriage to European women is not new to Syrian society, it was previously a rare phenomenon in comparison with recent years, when many Syrians emigrated to Europe. An estimated , Syrian refugees have moved to Europe, most of them settling in Germany, according to a report by the Interim Syrian Government.

Unlike marriage to European women, the marriage of Syrian men in Europe to Syrian women faces many obstacles. Omar told Enab Baladi that reunification procedures became more complicated in and This status does not allow the holder to bring his family to the country and requires him to return to his country if the conflict in his country draws to a close.

These complications have made young Syrian men who are looking to get married in Germany move away from thinking about getting married to a girl living inside Syria. Contrary to popular assumptions, marrying a Muslim does not represent an obstacle for German girls. At that point, the husband is obliged to legally solemnize the marriage in German courts in order to register his child in the civil register.

From the point of view of social experts, the phenomenon of marriage by Syrians to foreigners has several causes and side effects. Mahmoud Uthman, a social expert at the organization Syria Bright Future attributed this phenomenon essentially to economic conditions that the Syrian people are suffering from, both at home and abroad.

According to Uthman, the legal status of Syrian refugees is no less of a problem than their financial situation, and is one of the causes behind the phenomenon. The acquisition of permanent residency and nationality of a host country has become a concern for many Syrian men and women abroad.

In addition to loss and displacement, Syrian women have over the past few years suffered greatly through no fault of their own. From the beginning of , thousands of foreign fighters began arriving in Syria to fight with various Islamist groups. Although ISIS-controlled areas registered the highest number of such marriages, opposition-held areas have also witnessed many cases of foreign fighters marrying Syrian girls and women.

As many families of girls who have married foreigners refuse to talk about the issue, it is difficult to monitor and document the number of such cases.

However, in other areas such as Jabal Zawya, the number of such cases is small since families completely opposed the idea. However, they do not verify his identity and origins. He says that their marriage to Syrian girls is part of making them feel at ease and that they are not strangers, but marriage does not take place until the father of the girl verifies the morals of the muhajir migrant.

Money is also an important factor for many families who wish to marry their girls to foreign fighters. It is often difficult to verify the identity of immigrants who come to Syria to fight with armed factions. The mechanisms for verifying the identity of these fighters are often deficient, as Sheikh al-Khatib argues, due to the lack of sufficient verification mechanisms, which are limited to contacting his family or relatives.

Enab Baladi conducted an opinion poll in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo on views on marriage by Syrians to other nationalities. There was a divergence of views between those who supported the idea and those who opposed it completely. Alaa al-Shaiban, a resident of Sahl al-Ghab in Hama, has a similar view, considering it normal, especially the marriage of Syrian females to fighters.

On the other hand, Ahmed, who works as a barber in the southern countryside of Idlib, rejects the idea of Syrians marrying foreigners. As for the marriage of fighters to Syrian women, he believes that it is possible if the person is suitable for the girl.

Enab Baladi conducted another opinion poll on its website, which showed a broad diversity of views among the respondents. Poor financial situation and the legal uncertainty facing Syrians in countries of asylum were selected by a similar percentage of respondents.

Migration has opened up Syrian society to other societies and cultures after traditions had strictly regulated marriages in Syria for many years, restricting Syrians to marrying from within their own province. Thu 14 May Syrian Refugees Marry Foreigners. Enab Baladi. Follow us : Twitter Telegram Newsletter. Support independent media..

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For single Syrian women, search for soulmate comes up empty

When I was a child in Syria, I was going to school. Thankfully, I never missed a single year. From 1 st grade to 6 th grade. When I would get home from school, I would go play with my friends. And when I would go back home, my mom would have dinner on the table.

Eight years and counting of bloodshed have condemned a generation of Syrian men to their deaths, to prison or to precarious lives as refugees. Now, with most of the country once again under government control, yet ruptured beyond recognition , moving forward is up to the women left behind: part survivors, part mourners, part mop-up crew. Grandmothers are raising orphaned grandchildren.

For Talia, Istanbul was only a refuge from war and a place where she could continue her university education before becoming the wife of a Turkish man and the mother of a child whose future could be better than the future of thousands of Syrian children in Turkey. Knowing the Turkish language opened her sole linguistic communication channel with her husband, who does not speak any Arabic or English. Talia had to make a greater effort to develop their relationship and achieve harmony between them. Even though her lack of vocabulary prevents her from being able to fully express herself, the affection between them enabled them to overcome that obstacle.

Meet Syrian Women

His constant pleas and the endless drone of Syrian regime planes wore down her resolve. The war ultimately took her husband, who died of a heart attack at the hospital in his surgical scrubs in Today, some 30 miles away from Idlib in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli, they still suffer the trauma of growing up with a warzone for a playground. Alyousef tried three times before she finally succeeded in smuggling her mother and children over the border in They joined the more than 3. More than 1. As the international community effectively concedes that Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad has won the war, Syrian women are conspicuously absent from negotiations to end the fighting. Due to patriarchal systems in Syria and Turkey, women often already face gender-based discrimination and violence. In Turkey, they also confront greater structural challenges in accessing labor markets, housing, social services and health care, especially reproductive and mental health resources, according to the Istanbul Policy Center, a research institute. At the same time, Syrian women are organizing themselves, enlarging their community and lessening their domestic isolation.

“I wish I never got married”: the story of two Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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I see no future for me here — at least this marriage gives me hope. Zainab and her husband Imran, 54, were introduced on Facebook. They spoke via WhatsApp and Skype for a month before they decided to elope and complete all the paperwork for her immigration to Romania. Marriage by proxy or via Skype has become very popular in Syria since the war erupted in

These communities are almost entirely without men. Meet the Syrian women taking over.

Ayman Makieh — Istanbul. Samar, a Syrian girl from Aleppo, had no idea her marriage to a rich Saudi man in Istanbul would only last one day. This year-old had been longing for a more stable life, away from the atrocities of war. Her hope vanished when she realized she was a victim of a short-term marriage, arranged by her matchmaker, or khattaba, whom she met by chance, when she shared rooms with her and other single Syrian girls in Istanbul.

This captivating collection offers insights into the lives of Syrian brides-to-be and married women. With warmth and humor, the stories reveal the oppression found in Syrian society, and raise issues such as domestic violence. Thanks to The Review Crew for my complimentary review copy. I chose this book because of the genre and setting. Short stories are brief, yet comprehensive; and I enjoy world literature because it

‘I Was Something She Bought’: Syrian Men Marry To Survive

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of Seth * and they all took for themselves wives from anyone whom they chose, before [his wives] when mentions a wife of Tubal, nor do I find anywhere else  Ephraem (Syrus), ‎Edward G. Mathews -

The old Turk came to the Syrian matchmaker with a wish list: his second wife should have green eyes, and be tall, white-skinned and no older than But he did not plan to stay married for long. Like many of the Turkish men who purchase Syrian teenage refugees as second wives, he would divorce her after a few months, once he had tired of her. After six years of grinding civil war, almost 3m Syrian refugees live. Subscription Notification.

£1,200: the cost of a Syrian refugee bride in Turkey







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