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But it was true that having so much extra work for the lessons actually had pushed her to stay motivated, organised, and diligent in her school work. The price to pay was not having as much fun anymore, but on the bright side, she'd been turning in the best work she'd ever done in years. And the best part was she didn't feel stressed about finals for school looming after Christmas break at all. You've made such great progress, I will push forward your final examination to next week. We will begin with Dutch in a week's time, and we'll tack on Italian in March. Maya was surprisingly in a good mood.

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Meet the wedgie fetishists who get off on underwear up their ass

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Pages Home. I don't watch the show and people are so funny about spoilers that I'll just link the page so you can see what it's about if you so choose. Sidebar: I have wanted to be a Weekend Update anchor since always, so needless to say I have a healthy relationship with Saturday Night Live.

I'm a little jealous of the kid, but that's just a testament to his talent. Are you going to watch August Maturo on tonight's Raising Hope? Labels: august maturo , girl meets world , raising hope. Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are thankfull for you. It's the thought that counts. Labels: boy meets world , girl meets world , mark blutman , tweet , twitter. An expression of my frustration. It's an obvious case of fanboi talking, even for a year ago, when we literally knew nothing.

We already knew it was called Girl Meets World , and the title made it very clear the world no longer revolved around Cory. It now heavily favors his daughter. That's the one detail that seems hardest for my generation to accept - but we are the "me" generations oldest members. It's not about us anymore! We grew up! It's been nearly 14 years! Some of you were younger than that when the show was canceled. Literally been a lifetime.

Some of you are in your 30s. Another rule that seemed odd was that the show had to be set in Philly? It's egregious on many levels, starting with the article acknowledging they moved to New York, and including the fact it called for Weird Topanga's return. I think New York is where Weird Topanga could thrive.

Plus, if they really liked it there, the alleged greatest city in the world I've never been and I'm Californian so I can't confirm , why would they go back to Philadelphia? For the cheesesteaks? The last rule I will comment on is the whole "air it on a Friday" thing. I mean, there's a good chance for it - Disney tends to premiere things on weekends. But that just screams of "I want to be 12 again.

Labels: boy meets world , girl meets world , vulture. You may have been left wondering why. See u at the next one. Don't be too disheartened, though, as more tapings are on the horizon. Labels: girl meets world , live studio audience , mark blutman , taping , tweet , twitter.

Obviously, you can see it right there in the tweet. But I don't know if I'm ready to accept that right now. Cory's going to have stiff competition from his own dad, who I already know is coolest grandpa ever. Either way, I'm super excited for Girl Meets World to come out in Labels: alan matthews , boy meets world , coolest dad , cory matthews , girl meets world.

Labels: boy meets world , boy meets world complete series box set , facebook , lionsgate shop. Happy 15th birthday to Mr. He'll be driving soon. They grow up so fast… pic. Can't wait to celebrate with you! He is 15 years old today! I remember I hope Peyton feels the same way about his birthday today. If you want to share your birthday wishes, he's obviously peytonmeyer9 on Twitter.

Labels: Birthday , girl meets world , peyton meyer , peyton meyer birthday , tristan friar. Saturday, November 23, TheCelebrityCafe. Labels: 90s shows , boy meets world , thecelebritycafe. Labels: bmwsequel. Labels: ava kolker , girl meets marissa marissa and missy , girl meets world , Rumors. Labels: girl meets world , live studio audience , taping. Labels: entertainment weekly , girl meets world , interview , riley matthews , rowan blanchard.

Looks like tix are available for our next live shows! November 26 is this coming Tuesday, and December 17 is three weeks from this Tuesday.

If I get to go, it'll be December 17, but those tickets will likely be sold out before I can arrange anything. How exciting, though!

It's all really happening! Labels: girl meets world , live studio audience , sabrina carpenter , taping , tweet , twitter. If you haven't been paying our friends at bmwsequel. Right now, they have some fan reactions to the live taping event.

Can't wait to do it all over again next week! You were so great!! See you tomorrow!! Hopefully with all of the positive feedback, they'll add more tapings sooner than later and your friendly neighborhood Amanda will get to go. It sounds like it was a total blast. Labels: august maturo , corey fogelmanis , danielle fishel , girl meets world , live studio audience , peyton meyer , rowan blanchard , sabrina carpenter , tweets , twitter. I don't want to talk about it. Much like Rider Strong, she visited during the pilot as well.

I don't hate Rachel, but she better not be living in the crawl space with Uncle Shawn. Labels: ben savage , boy meets world , corey fogelmanis , girl meets world , maitland ward , peyton meyer , tweets , twitter. I'm not the only one who thinks we should. Our friends at bmwsequel. Don't hate the playa, hate the game. You could know all of these things, or maybe just some of them. You might not know any of them.

Labels: ben savage , boy meets world , cory and shawn , cory and topanga , danielle fishel , first kiss , geranium , mena suvari , trivia , willie garson.

Interesting is that Maya sits next to her instead of behind her. In fact, the main characters are in a box formation instead of a line. Also, Feeny's lesson is in the back of the room: "Dream. Do good. You know, until the next pictures, and the next episode, and the press release Labels: ben savage , girl meets world , on set picture , tweet , twitter.

Filming our next episode. Who's excited? This episode has one day of filming in front of a studio audience. That day is tomorrow, November It's last minute on a Tuesday, so outcome is hazy, but I'm working on making it happen. But you guys do know if I go, I'm only talking about the experience and not the episode itself, right?

Because I will never, ever spill the beans on an episode before the press release is issued. I play the dirty, dirty rumor game but studios value secrecy. Hopefully I get to go! We'll see. Labels: august maturo , girl meets friendship , girl meets world , taping , tweet. AugustMaturo hahaha!

As I mentioned before , they could have fun, alternative middle names. That would actually be hilarious.

Girl Meets Wedgies: Part 1

She was never fully potty trained. She started having accidents again. She wets the bed. She likes to wear Pullups or Diapers. More Choices.

Pages Home. I don't watch the show and people are so funny about spoilers that I'll just link the page so you can see what it's about if you so choose.

Log In or Create an Account. Log In Create an Account. General Rating. Download Submission. Star Fox.

You can't escape me! I felt that I didn't deserve all of that praise. Yes, I enjoyed writing it. But it wasn't written from the heart. His Moment was written because of the lack of Liley stories on FF. Now, I bring you a story, written from the heart, about something that happens in every day life. Something that shouldn't happen, but does. Something that has happened to me, and still is happening. The skies were dark.

Fluttershy goes to flight camp for the first time, meets a certain griffon, and gets in trouble with the local bullies. Fluttershy had never been so nervous in her entire life. Her parents had finally persuaded her to go to Flight Camp despite her many excuses for not wanting to go. They dropped her off at the school a little late on the first day.

Farkle flew to the door when he heard the doorbell.

For Martin, it started as a child, when the bullies would yank his underpants so far over his head, he could smell his own skidmarks. As Martin grew older, his traumatic childhood experiences took on a new life. They transformed into a wedgie fetish.

Riley Matthews sat on the couch in her apartment with Auggie, nervous. Topanga and Cory had decided to adopt another daughter, and they were bringing her home right now. Both kids looked up as the door opened.

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A classic prank , in which some poor sap gets their underpants forcibly yanked up and wedged between their butt. A staple of schoolyard bullies it is also sometimes incorporated into the arsenal of tricksters and similar comedic fighters. Subtrope of Groin Attack and Amusing Injuries. Watch out for the Negative Space Wedgie. Community Showcase More.

Girl meets World Wedgie. May 20, 2 min read. Request Riley was laying on her bed. She was bored, and wished she had something to do. Just then, her best friend swung through the window.

Aug 29, - “Unfortunately, I've never met another person with a wedgie fetish in real life. It's especially hard to find girls that are into wedgies.” Martin and.

Lol after watching the rain scene, I actually did end up checking out a bunch of random Brucas scenes because I couldn't get enough of their chemistry xD I don't think I'd ever watch the show Seems kind of over the top dramatic lol, but holy crap they are a great couple together! It's a shame about the actors' relationship being the deciding factor in ending their obvious excellent relationship on screen.

They took out their 21st century telescopes, and see a Lady wearing a metal suit, with two scars on the right side of her cheek. Inside that ship, there were men also wearing metal suits. When they looked a little further, they saw an old woman, who had green eyes.

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