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How to look for job in kenya

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Working for the British Council offers you a unique opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in international cultural relations. You will be part of a modern, rapidly changing organisation with worldwide influence and impact. Our jobs offer you a scope for versatility, initiative and creativity in a stimulating and supportive environment. The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

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5 Best Successful Job Hunting Tips in Kenya

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Millions of Kenyans are jobless. They are employing every tool at their disposal to at least find a job. Many are surfing, with one aim, finding a job. Because of this need, many websites with job listings do exist in Kenya. Besides publishing information on available vacancies, they offer career advice including CV writing techniques. Are you searching for a new job or are you a graduate looking for a job, then here are top 10 best websites to find jobs in Kenya.

It offers job listing, CV posting, and career advice to job seekers. The website allows members to select job category and the location. The subscribers are able to receive daily updates of recent jobs on phone and emails. Once you post your CV on Brighter Monday, you receive details about the recruiting firm. Another common job site in Kenya is New Kenyan Jobs. Formerly Kenyan Jobs BlogSpot, the site allows you to navigate various job categories. Its interface has search bars to help you search specific jobs using key words.

New Kenyan Jobs also allows subscription for direct emailing of available jobs. This site is known for its exclusive feature such as news and segments of advice from human resource managers. Career Point also provides interview and cover letter writing techniques to the job seeker.

At the bottom of the site, you find links to sample cover letters, interview answers and career tips among others. It also allows free subscription.

It has a simple interface, with a plane background. Apart from offering common services such as posting jobs and, CV posting and job updates free, Kenya Career permits job seekers to share their job search experiences. They also provide access to recruitment agencies. Job Web Kenya is another jobsite you should visit if you are looking for a job in Kenya. It allows you to search the nature of the job you are looking for.

For example, you can search for part-time jobs, full times jobs, internships, temporary jobs, and freelancing. Besides allowing you to register, Job Web Kenya gives employers a chance to post openings in their organizations.

It has a different strategy, which seem to work. It presents itself as a job site hub. At Kenya Moja, you find job listing from other sites with links to where the details are posted. Kenya Moja, unlike other sites does not allow visitors to submit their emails for updates. This enables job seekers to post their resume after browsing through the latest updates.

With minimized adverts on the page, the job seeker can easily search jobs based on the organization of their choice.

Best Jobs Kenya also shows you the number of available vacancies in every field. The site also allows free signup. To be more appealing, Best Jobs Kenya further classifies jobs according to the location. It gives the jobseeker job updates on vacancies on career sites worldwide. It has a broad job range therefore; one has to select the country. It has search bars with What, Where, and Km, to help job seekers customize their queries. It has an alphabet link for you to search jobs by their title.

Besides, at Job Rapido, you can browse vacancies according to category or your preferred province. The site is simplified for the job seeker to check for fresh job listings and interview tips.

Recruitment Kenya offers four main services. It also gives a sneak preview of the job and a link to full details. N-Soko also has animated scrolls of available jobs. It gives you a chance to develop your resume and a wide range of career advice. Your email address will not be published. Related Articles.

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How To Get a Job in Kenya

Job hunting in Kenya is becoming harder by the day. The number of people looking for job opportunities is increasing quite fast. On the other hand, job creation seems to be stagnated if not declining. Sorry to say this, but projections show that the situation is bound to get more difficult.

This enables you to qualify for job opportunities based on your capability, not just your credentials. We show you the best job opportunities that match your skills and interests.

In as much as there is no such thing as the perfect time to start a new job search, some timings are certainly better than others when you want to find a new job in Kenya. Depending on your specific industry, hiring tends to slow down towards the end of the year mostly due to exhaustion of budgets especially for companies operating in a calendar year. This, however, does not mean that no hiring takes place. Bearing in mind that the holiday season in Kenya makes December a very slow month, smart private companies often take advantage of the slow period to come up with strategies for the New Year. This means that by the time we are getting to January, they have already evaluated the performance of the previous year and laid down strategies to improve performance in the following year.

Jobs at the Embassy

While going to a good university and acquiring a good degree course is a good starting point for your career, having the right information on where you will go to, how you will about it and specific websites that post the latest job Vacancies in Kenya is crucial for your job seeking exercise. You can imagine the current unemployment rate 10 years later. Its hence very essentials that you really equip yourself with important job seeking nuggets to ensure that you apply for jobs in Kenya that are legit and remain secure in your job search. This kind of knowledge gives you a competitive edge over your peers who might fall victims to job scams that have frequented the web today. There are literally thousands of job sites on the web, but the best of them will stand out using the criteria discussed below. It Informs, educates and Inspires you as a job seeker. As a job seeker, you need more information on the job market right? So essentially, a credible job website in Kenya that is ranked highly should be able to offer this informative content to you before getting to sell any other service. For instance it should provide information on good Interview advises, CV and cover letter guidelines, Labor law advice to ensure that the you are well informed about the law etc. For you to type this search criterion on your keyboard, you must be really looking out for new job opportunities in Kenya that might suit your career preferences.

You Must Break These 6 Rules If You Want To Be Employed Soon

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Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Kenya. With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0.

Have you ever thought about getting a job in Kenya? Maybe not. Getting a job in Kenya is like holding the clouds: it is almost impossible.

Top 10 Best Websites to Find Jobs in Kenya

Millions of Kenyans are jobless. They are employing every tool at their disposal to at least find a job. Many are surfing, with one aim, finding a job. Because of this need, many websites with job listings do exist in Kenya.

Searching for a job in Kenya is no mean task. In fact, searching for a job anywhere is a difficult undertaking. While it is great to be armed with a college degree, having the right information on how to go about looking for a job can give you a competitive edge over your peers. Trends are changing fast and while companies still advertise in the newspapers for job opportunities, the Internet is increasingly becoming a place where many job seekers are finding vacancies. In light of this , Tuko. Be cautious especially when applying for a job that requires you to pay, or you're asked to meet recruiters in unidentified places, before getting the opportunity as unscrupulous people may take advantage of you.

Ten Places You Will Find Credible Job Opportunities In Kenya

Looking for a new job? Maybe even looking to establish good networks that can link you up to a job opportunity? All these are normal hustles of a Kenyan graduate in the saturated job market. For most of the companies I applied to, I had no connections. But I did discover a pretty reliable way of getting a job or at least an interview without connections. Well, the good news is that, now you can easily get a good job without having anyone hold your hand.

Find the latest jobs in Kenya. Find your perfect and dream job with Standard Digital, whether it be permanent, casual or on contract, we've got the best online.

May be you want to finish campus, get a job and save part of the salary to get some capital so that you can venture into business. Or perhaps you want to work with the best companies in the world so that you can scale up your skills and boost your exposure. Whichever the case, here are some basic life rules that you need to break if you want to find your dream job.

Your dream career starts here.

The Alpha Group of Companies in Kenya is now hiring distributors, packagers, promoters and sales assistant to distribute and promote their products at a lucrative pay. On the job training will be A private international organization has created new vacancies for graduates undergraduates drop outs jobless and professionals looking for a side hustle within Nairobi We deal in Business Inventions

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