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How will i look like a girl

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you where a girl? Or, if in your second life you where reborn as a girl: what would you look like? Well look no further. Now you can sees what you would look like if you where a different girl, or A girl.

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What would you look like if you where a girl

As I flick through my magazine I am confronted with stunning images of celebrities who look perfect with not one hair out of place. I look down at myself, and for a split second I start feeling rubbish about myself, because I dont look quite like these super humans that stare back at me. Then hurrah, my sensible brain kicks in and brings me back down to earth, "do not worry girl, the girl in the magazine doesn't even look like that.

The images we are faced with in magazines and billboards are manipulated using Photoshop; there is an army of professionals that spend hours making an ordinary looking girl into a polished and preened picture of perfection. Now don't get me wrong, these women are beautiful in their own right, however not your everyday girl has the luxury of a personal hair and make up artist following us around, a stylist with a never-ending wardrobe of up to the minute trends, not forgetting the personal trainers and chefs on standby.

Instead my life is watching makeup tutorials to get that Kimmy K contour, walking out the door with my hair damp hoping it blow dries in the wind on the way to work and my personal trainer is in the form of my three year old daughter Tianii who has me running around after her.

I guess that is pretty much the reality of many a busy mums life. So do not panic if you are not looking like the models or the celebrities, what we are seeing is not real.

What is real is when we see images of celebs caught off guard without a face full of make up and looking refreshingly normal but still annoyingly beautiful at the same time. We are living in a time where beauty is everything, it's a massive market that homes into womens insecurities making you believe if you purchase a product a celebrity is seen wearing you to can look like them to.

The sad thing is you are already amazing without that contour kit, the lip plumper and the valencia filter you use on your instagram selfies. As I write this I am telling myself too, that I am amazing something that I have battled with for a long time, the girl I would see in the mirror was something I was not happy with, why? Honestly I am not too sure. From the age of 10 I was obsessed with models and fashion I loved the creativity and the glamour.

I would look at these images and wish I to could look like those models in the magazines, being young and naive I was unaware about the hard work that is put into creating an image and that what I was really looking at were images of fantasy. It lead to over 20 years of an ongoing battle with food, in recent years being diagnosed with bulimia and body dysmorphia.

Something I have managed to keep at bay with help from loved ones. Everyday someone is battling with an eating disorder, many formed because they do not reflect the image of beauty that is represented in the magazines. It is a very sad reality that as you read this someone out there is skipping a meal in the bid for "perfection".

This is the scary part of fashion many young girls dream of being models and will go to extreme lengths to look like them. From extreme dieting to surgical procedures many girls are pursuing the image of " perfection". A nip here and a tuck there, plastic surgery is readily available if you have the funds to go to such lengths. It is saddening that the influence of the media makes women look at themselves and feel they need to change how they look to be happier and more attractive only down the line to be unhappy with the transformation.

We think it would be beneficial if there were a stamp on images to highlight the fact that they have in fact been manipulated, what are your thoughts? The Models Of Diversity team are working hard to make the fashion industry listen and use a wider range of models. The models should reflect the buying public, correct? There is room for diversity in fashion and I really hope will be the year of change.

If the industry changed their perception of beauty then maybe it could save some girls from themselves. Remember you are beautiful as you are - the girl in the magazine does not even look like the girl in the magazine.

This February, HuffPost UK Style is running a month-long focus on our Fashion For All campaign, which aims to highlight moments of colour, size, gender and age diversity and disability inclusivity in the fashion and beauty world. If you'd like to blog about diversity or get involved, email us here. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Privacy Policy. Follow us. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Style. All rights reserved.

What Does A Girl Look Like?

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Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss.

How old are you? Because I am a 23 year old male. And for the last couple of years dozens of people have thought I was a girl. But long story short I went to the doctor not about that and he brought it up about

10 Elementary Makeup Ploys That Can Make a Girl Look Like a Million Bucks

Welcome back! If you have saved your information by registering at americangirl. Please use the email associated with your account. As an email subscriber, you can choose what news you receive—special offers, product introductions, store event notifications, and more. A leader on the sports field. A whiz in the classroom. A star on the stage.

Bic advertising: look like a girl, market your company like a 1970s misogynist

Her ensemble of layered silver chains, oversized dark jeans, and neon socks had sparked questions about her sexuality at school. In an environment where girls use clothing to put their bodies forward, to accentuate their figure, it can be difficult to dress to self-express. An increasingly stylistically bold generation is no longer afraid to reject conventional fashion trends. This includes the incorporation of gender fluid clothing, although often only appreciated by a select few; this new-found freedom from gender norms still proves a challenge for many young women. This is particularly true for street style.

As I flick through my magazine I am confronted with stunning images of celebrities who look perfect with not one hair out of place. I look down at myself, and for a split second I start feeling rubbish about myself, because I dont look quite like these super humans that stare back at me.

These are some recent headlines about girls around the world. When you start searching for stories about girls, you get a mix like this: stories about victimization, sexualization, and the exceptional girls who fight back. But we wanted to know what life looks like for girls, beyond the headlines. What do teenage girls dream about in a refugee camp?

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Updated: March 16, References. Whether you're transitioning from male to female , experimenting with drag , or simply want to add some feminine flair to your look, there are many reasons you might want to look like a woman. Women can come in every shape and size and dress in every imaginable style, so there's no one definition of what a woman looks like. However, there are lots of things you can do to make yourself look more traditionally feminine. Choosing the right clothes and makeup can make a big difference. If you want to change your appearance permanently, consider cosmetic surgery or medical treatments.

What’s a day in the life of a girl look like in 10 countries?

So a lot of men out there try to look feminine and their first step is to apply a lot of make-up and big boobies. Personally i am into the less make-up, flat chested look, but that is me. Do what you would like with it. Also this picture is about 3 days old, but it was when my hair was a tad longer and it was red. I dyed it and trimmed it since then, but it was the best example since it had pretty natural light and stuff c:. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Girls Who Look Like Us: A Campaign for Diversity. June 19th, All around the world, people are still stereotyped in the media through idealistic, re-touched.


What Would I Be Like As A Girl?







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