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And we will keep fighting until we destroy them totally. Over the course of the last three years as I've been reporting this story on Abdul Latif Nasser, I've been in the final stages of becoming an American citizen. In the past, I've reported on people who risked everything, including their lives, to come to this country. That's obviously not my situation. I didn't need citizenship.

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And we will keep fighting until we destroy them totally. Over the course of the last three years as I've been reporting this story on Abdul Latif Nasser, I've been in the final stages of becoming an American citizen. In the past, I've reported on people who risked everything, including their lives, to come to this country.

That's obviously not my situation. I didn't need citizenship. I was born in Canada. I got a green card here in the U. It also means I don't get called for jury duty, and have the perfect excuse every time someone accosts me outside the grocery store to try to get me to vote for something.

But still, I wanted to become a citizen because I want to vote. I want to do jury duty. I believe in the American experiment. This constant striving toward the promise of values like equality and justice and freedom of speech, I think all of that is beautiful and righteous. And sure, there are many times when this country falls short of those values, but you have the sense that it's generally stumbling in the right direction.

I talked in episode one about cramming for my civics test. By the time I'd passed that test and cleared all the other bureaucratic hurdles, I had also tracked Abdul Latif's journey from Morocco to Sudan to Afghanistan to Guantanamo. Every other week -- sometimes every other day -- I had a different opinion about whether he was guilty or innocent or to what degree, or honestly, whether his guilt or innocence even mattered given what this country had done to him.

But here we go. I think he went to a training camp. I think he fought against the Northern Alliance. At the same time, I think he did not have anything to do with the bombing of the Bamiyan Buddhas.

I think he did fight at Tora Bora, and that he fled, was captured, and was sold for a bounty. I do not think that he was a terrorist mastermind. I think he was a low- to mid-level fighter who, as far as I can tell, never targeted civilians, never killed any Americans. So what do you do with a guy like that? If he was a low- to mid-level German soldier who fought in World War Two, we would have let him go. But instead, we held him with no due process, no trial, longer than some people in the U.

To me, all of that feels quite simply un-American. And as someone who is trying to become an American, that really rattled my sense of what that word even meant, and made me question what I wanted to do.

Just because is it like -- is it part of the burden or the baggage? The profile goes into depth about some of the twisted ways his interrogators tried to break him. I knew similar things were done to Abdul Latif. And so that night I sat down with my wife just to talk things through. Like, I get to have these, like, rights and responsibilities and all these things, and then yet then it's like I'm complicit in what's happening to this man in this place.

Like, I don't -- it's weird. It's like -- it's like -- it's like buying a bag of oranges or something and you know there's, like, a rotten one in there. And it's like, oh, I know why I'm getting this, like, because I want this and I've wanted this for a really long time, but like -- like, it's like -- but I'm -- at the same time I'm, like, staring right in the face this rotten orange. And it's like this thing where it's, like, you feel, like, the rot.

It'll, like -- it'll rot you, like, it'll rot me. It has mainstreamed terms and ideas And even by other governments. Now the moment when I first heard about this story was oddly a moment that we seemed to be trying to turn it around. It was a moment when Abdul Latif Nasser actually had a chance to finally go home.

Fast forward to October even in through November, we were nervous but it never actually occurred to me that someone could mess this up. LATIF: I'd always assumed that the order to transfer Abdul Latif Nasser just sat on some nameless, faceless, civil servant's desk somewhere, his file shuffled in amongst other annoying paperwork.

Just another item on a to-do list of someone who really didn't care what happened one way or the other, lost in the bureaucratic void until it was too late. But as I dug deeper into what actually happened, going down to DC, knocking on doors, tracking down one person and then another and then another, I discovered this story was not the story I thought it was.

It's a story of bureaucracy and paperwork, sure, but it's the most dramatic story of paperwork I've ever heard. A story where people way higher up than I expected really did give a damn.

She said she's good to go. Well, thank you for bearing with us for those last few minutes. Spent most of my time doing European security, especially after the end of the Cold War. It had some great pull quotes. One pull quote was that -- that you had the most thankless job in Washington, and one was where it said that the work you had to do was grueling work, making the respected career diplomat something like a door-to-door salesman peddling the human equivalent of radioactive waste.

Well, it was certainly one of the oddest jobs I ever had Yeah, what would be your sales pitch? You all hated Gitmo under the Bush Administration, and now is your opportunity to help get rid of this thing you called a terrible stain on America. Like, "We got to do what? And once you have established a system outside of either international or U. And in some cases to actually get these men, through negotiations with these other countries, back under some of the very international laws that we had turned away from.

Thank you. Which was a promising start. Okay, so -- so then what happens? If so, where will you hold him? And then after you release him, how will you keep tabs on him? You know Donald Trump has been elected. You know that this is -- this stream of transfers is gonna get cut off. Guantanamo Bay.

Which by the way, we are keeping open. I mean, we were all aware of that. We're gonna load it up. LATIF: Actually, they really only had one and half months, because Congress, jittery about letting these guys go, demanded 30 days to review every transfer before it gets carried out.

So essentially for Ben We had a hard deadline. The 20th of December. Like, what -- how frantic was it? This was in -- this was in high gear. You want them to have the best opportunity for a decent future. LATIF: And on top of that, the State Department was focused something that happened with the last detainee who had been sent there just a year before, in A guy named Yunis Shokuri.

Shokuri's transfer. But instead, they opened up an investigation into him and kept him locked up for nearly five months.

And of course you can imagine all these other countries being like, "Come on. After everything you did at Guantanamo? Now you're telling us what to do with our own guy in our own country? There was a -- maybe a sense of who are you to come asking me that question? New questions came back from Morocco or new questions came back your side? Treat him right. So there was a lot of back and forth on that.

And every single question had been answered except for one. It's classified. But we do know that the answer came back from Morocco too late. According to court documents I found, the final all-clear from Morocco was received by the U. Number of people I talked to who were directly involved said it was actually just one day late. But besides the fact that it was just a tiny bit late Maybe we can find a way around this day rule.

So Ben and Ian and their colleagues figure I don't know if you have that in journalism, but the stuck-ee is the person who's stuck with doing something. It was trying to make the Secretary of Defense the stuck-ee. They knew that if they okayed a release and then that guy then planned some new attack it would be pinned on them.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 recap

Plots and schemes abound as preparations for the Tremontaine Ball get underway in the latest exciting installment of our deliciously scandalous online episodic serial. The annual Tremontaine Ball is always the event of the season. But now, with the family fortune at stake, Diane assembles her guest list with all the cunning of a general preparing a battle plan. As the chocolate merchants of the City, led by the Balam family, debate how to respond to the Duchess's unprecedented invitation, Micah, eager to help her family, makes plans to crash the party. And Kaab finds that learning from Vincent Applethorpe is a painful experience.

By Will Thorne. William Ed Harris found himself in an asylum, surrounded by previous versions of himself, while Maeve Thandie Newton sat down for a heart-to-heart with her old pal Dolores Evan Rachel Wood — or rather a Serac-fabricated copy of Dolores.

By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail. At the beginning of the season, Maeve was brought in by the mysterious Serac Vincent Cassell to stop Dolores from carrying out her plan to end humanity. Additionally, The Man in Black Ed Harris also returns, and he's been committed to an institution of some sort. The episode begins with a flashback of Maeve walking through a field with her daughter in the sunlight, which she snaps out of when standing in an open field. Serac appears, saying that human memory isn't perfect, with Serac telling her she has no past, only present.

Apologies for the Frivolity

Popular TV. Tokyo Ghoul Watch Promotional Video. Watching the contents online is really easy as we made sure you get to watch what you search for free and without any hassles. America's Funniest Home Videos. Knowing Brother Ep Running Man performs a couple of games that is played by some of the groups, could be two, three, or four groups in one episode but usually with only two groups. Haiji has a dream and ambition. A Little Reunion. Watch your favorite anime in HD and without paying a penny!

‘Westworld’: 5 Burning Questions From Season 3 Episode 6

No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. See the full list. Title: Apologies for the Frivolity 23 Oct Charlie's latest, unusually conservative, classy girlfriend, Lydia, makes her entry in the beach-house in the Harper's hated ma Evelyn's style, almost instantly hurting everybody's feelings, soon in bed and in his favorite restaurant too, but Charlie keeps denying the obvious resemblance till the ugly Oedipal truth becomes too painfully obvious to deny when he sees how every second with her is torture for her two nice boys she brings along for Jake who also plays 'I have boobs' to babysit, as bad as for him and Alan all their traumatizing youth.

It was written by series creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner and writer Semi Chellas , and directed by Scott Hornbacher.

But why rush to this dark, disconsolate future? Not just any happy pop music, but Carly Rae Jepson— happy pop music, the high priestess of e-mo-tion. The song choice? Marianne flinches every time he talks.

Watch All Around episode 6 | gymnastics tv series

Welcome to Tales of the City. San Francisco a golden city of freedom, adventure and possibility. Luckily for Mary Ann, she finds the perfect home at 28 Barbary Lane where the dysfunctional residents form an unconventional family of waifs and strays.

There was still the usual chatter over free will, mostly in a metaphysical group therapy session where William confronts his father-in-law and various incarnations of himself, but the episode was mostly about arranging the pieces on the board. Many major characters have clocked out for long stretches this season — Bernard has been close to a non-presence, for example, and the Man in Black has disappeared into his own navel — but all of them make an appearance here. The episode opens with Maeve in a simulation of the Valley Beyond, imagining the permanent reunion with her daughter that she has been pursuing for nearly the entire run of the show. She can never see through it. So Hector gets taken out of cold storage and the other decommissioned host bodies are torched. Serac figures out the big twist that Charlotte is actually Dolores — has he been reading Reddit threads, too?

Running man animation watch online

Account Options Sign in. The Bloomsbury Companion to Spinoza. Benedictus Spinoza was among the most important of the post-Cartesian philosophers of the second half of the seventeenth century and is still widely studied today. He made original contributions in every major area of philosophy and is best known for his Ethics , which is often held up as a supreme example of a self-contained metaphysical system intended to explain the universe. The Bloomsbury Companion to Spinoza is the first to offer an accessible, encyclopaedic account of Spinoza's life and ideas, his influences and commentators, and his lasting significance. Some of the best features include an annotated chronology of Spinoza's life, bibliographies of his major influences and critics, a substantive dictionary of key Spinozan concepts, summaries of Spinoza's principal writings and concludes with a chapter on Spinoza's place in modern academic scholarship.

He does not want peace! He is a soldier, he thirsts for battle and men like him are dangerous. We cannot allow these vulgar rebels, these deceivers, to continue  CS Sealey - - ‎Fiction.


‘Westworld’ Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: The Man in White







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