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Before this series, they made Kumika no Mikaku, which is a rom-com about an alien girl experiencing human cuisine for the first time. Because at this point, in order to rehash our own food, we have to introduce them to aliens or just have a Restaurant to Another World. Hiiragi Utena is enthralled by the three magical girls in her town. Now begins the fight of Magical Girls and the Forces of Evil! What can I say?

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Looking Up for Magical Girls ch. 6 raw

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The setting for this arc takes place in Umemizaki Private Academy. Umemizaki Middle School , Class 2-F. A bizarre girls-only classroom composed of only 15 people.

It was made in order to raise proper Magical Girls , a special class sponsored by the Magical Kingdom. These chosen elite Magical Girls will pave the way into a bright future, but within their shadow is something evil lurking about. Who will be the Magical Girl Hunter's latest prey? Snow White later receives the call, but ignores it, in the process of meeting Princess Deluge , Armor Arlie , and the other homunculi Magical Girls.

She is accompanied by Uluru , now more rational and compassionate. Calcolo, nervous and anxious, begins to tour Kana around the school. After the class is dismissed, the students crowd around Kana, interested in her new appearance and her magic. Mepis begins to beat down Kana upon transforming, who fights back by teasing her, only further angering Mepis.

Ultimately, however, their goal is to find both Ripple and Frederica, both of whom have gone into hiding. After the class writes their opinions on the incident, Calcolo continues to worry about Kana and her peculiar behavior. Kana, curious to know about the division of groups, corners Calcolo as well, notably invading her personal space under the belief that she was making a good impression.

Calcolo redirects her to the principal, Halna Medhi Melen. Although the two share a rough conversation, Kana eventually pressures Halna into giving her information on the class divisions, promising not to share her information. She learns that Group 1 were primarily Osk Factions members, Group 2 were mainly Caspar members , and Group 3 were combined nobles and Puk Faction members. Satisfied with her answer, Kana runs into Group 1, before sharing information about the Information Bureau and other divisions.

She then reveals who each member of Group 1 was recommended by, unintentionally causing Tetty to worry about her background but also learning to trust and befriend Kana. During the mock battle, Drill Dory is quick to use her powers against the homunculi with the rest of her teammates supporting her in a planned manner. Kumi-Kumi and Lillian , despite not having any strategy, also work together against homunculi while Group 3 attempts to attack their defenses.

However, the match is then intervened when Calcolo reveals Kumi-Kumi had damaged the gym floor, breaking the rules and forcing Kumi-Kumi to sit out for the remainder of the battle.

Diko Narakunoin and Mepis begin to target one another, with Mepis attempting to use her magic to persuade Diko into relaxing. As the two begin to chase one another, Princess Lightning calls off the match and attempts to blame Dory for damaging the gym floor for dropping her drill. Wrappy defends Dory, proving there was no actual damage, but Lightning then tries to point the blame on Adelheid , causing a mini-argument within the battle.

Kumi-Kumi then realizes Kana had not participated in the fight at all and tries to convince her to fight before the match begins. Due to the distraction, a homunculi sneaks up on Mepis and attempts to attack her, before Tetty kicks Mepis away to shield her from the attack- only for Tetty to be eliminated and Mepis to turn her anger to Tetty. Frederica then attempts to view Snow White-- only to realize her magic suddenly cannot work against Snow White, unable to display any image of her on her crystal ball.

Tetty , feeling slightly guilty for singling out Kana, is quick to confess to Calcolo about the dagger. Tetty walks over to the Gardener mage for help, asking questions about the Information Bureau. Although she was recommended by the Information Bureau, Tetty was completely unaware she was affiliated with the faction in the first place.

Tetty then asks about Mepis, wondering how to make up to her. The Mage suggests to bring her to the garden as a sign of forgiveness, believing although Mepis may appear cruel on the outside, she was still forgiving and kind on the inside. Meanwhile, Kana remains on the school grounds, unsure of where to go with no home and no longer having contact with Frederica. She runs into Halna, who immediately tells her to go home-- in which Kana argues back she has no home. Mepis accidentally notices the two as well, causing Halna to suggest Kana to stay with Mepis.

Halna is quick to assert her position as principal, demanding Mepis to take Kana angrily, leaving Mepis embarrassed and distraught. However, The First argued they needed information, not manpower. She then ordered The Third to tell Princess Lightning to proceed. The Third questioned whether Diko and Ranyui should know about Lightning, but the First insisted it wasn't necessary.

At night, Adelheid tries to get inside the school, but can't due to the security golems. She then notices Princess Lightning behind her. Lightning claims there's only room for one lightning Magical Girl at Umemizaki and attacks her.

After Lightning simply absorbed her lightning bolts, Adelheid manages to overpower her with physical attacks. However, Lightning turns the tide again by entering Luxury Mode. In the end, Adelheid manages to defeat Lightning by absorbing her own lightning bolt to boost her physical strength and knock her out. However, Lightning then mysteriously got back up and walked away as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Diko and Ranyui map out the school under the cover of darkness, but can't enter the restricted sections. They then notice Adelheid and Lightning's fight and are shocked when Lightning got back up seemingly undamaged after Abelheid knocked her out.

As the police arrive due to the commotion Adelheid and Lightning caused, Diko and Ranyui decide to fall back and report what had happened to Lapis Lazuline. In Group 3 , Lightning announces her fight with Adelheid to her teammates, causing Psyche Plains to arise suspicions towards her.

She then notices Tetty Goodgripp returning the lightning dagger to Princess Lightning, much to the shock of Group Two, who was unaware of Group 1 and 3 working together beforehand. Mepis Pheles, in a fit of rage, immediately attempts to attack Tetty before being forcibly restrained by her teammates.

As Tetty desperately tries to apologize, her efforts are to no avail as she is interrupted by the start of class. Calcolo continues teaching the history of the criminals of the Magical Kingdom , before receiving an abrupt email from Halna demanding another mock battle, once again focusing on Kana. Kana, attempting to find common ground with Mepis, points out her lack of knowledge on manga, a passion for Mepis. Her mood immediately changes, and Mepis quickly calms down, excited to explain her interest in manga to Kana.

Towards the afternoon, Tetty worries about her relationship with Mepis, still trying to understand how to apologize to her. Meanwhile, in a food store, Psyche Plains and Sally Raven meet up, discussing how suspicious their teammate, Princess Lightning was acting. Psyche reveals her status as a professional guard, and Sally explains her dreams to become a Cutie Healer , coming from the PR Division. The two agree to work together in case something happens to the school and their graduation, working as professionals.

Kumi-Kumi , remaining at home before her night class, is suddenly greeted by Pythie Frederica. In the night, Calcolo gathers all the students together in the mountains, preparing a mock battle. She dismisses the students to their assigned areas, before returning to the lab area.

The homunculi kept in the lab were now loose in the mountains, leaving a distressed Calcolo rushing to the master control. Although surprised that the mock battle began so soon, Group 1 manages to persevere and fights the homunculi before them. However, they are then confronted by a homunculi that had taken the form of Pukin , who brainwashes Tetty with her sword.

Meanwhile, Group 3 are separated due to the onslaught of homunculi, some of whom there recognize as having taken the forms of rogue Magical Girls they learned about in class. Psyche meets up with Calcolo , who explains the situation and that the only way to stop the homunculi was to turn off the Master Control. Upon reaching it, however, they are immediately forced to retreat, as they find it to be guarded by a homunculi Grim Heart.

Elsewhere, Group 2 had been surrounded by homunculi, including a homunculi Calamity Mary. In response, Kumi-Kumi uses an exo-suit made using her ability to dispatch the horde, but it is destroyed by a homunculi Sonia Bean , forcing Kana to take her and flee.

They are eventually surrounded and Kana, after discovering the homunculi are programmed to not attack each other using her ability, uses one of them as a meat weapon to kill the homunculi Sonia. However, a black wall then spouts up and absorbs her. Believing this was the end, Kana reminisces about her time in Umemizaki Middle School. Adelheid defeats a homunculi Akane , but loses consciousness from exhaustion, forcing Mepis and Lilian to flee with her whilst being pursued by a homunculi Melville.

They are saved by Sally , who kills the homunculi Melville, only to then be attacked by more homunculi, including a homunculi Flame Flamey. In the end, Psyche and Calcolo arrived and defeated the homunculi Flamey while Adelheid regained consciousness and defeated the remaining homunculi with a special move. In Group 3, the members are overwhelmed by the horde of homunculi. They fight to the best of their ability, but find themselves outmatched.

Meanwhile, Group 1 is on the defensive against the homunculi Pukin and brainwashed Tetty. Dory manages to impale the homunculi with her drill, only to no avail as the latter uses her sword on herself to sustain her life, freeing Tetty from her brainwashing, all the while more homunculi closed in on them. Fortunately, Princess Deluge arrives and takes out the homunculi using a combination attack with Arlie and Dory, ending the last of the homunculi fights.

After the incident, Calcolo is summoned to Halna's office. Halna then informs her that they had received another transfer student, remaining in her strange, cheerful behavior.

Three days after the incident, Tetty returns to school as classes resumed. Although there were no fatalities, Adelheid , Wrappy , and Arlie got injured, and Ranyui was hospitalized. As class begins, Calcolo enters with an unfamiliar girl and introduces her as their newest transfer student: Snow White.

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The setting for this arc takes place in Umemizaki Private Academy. Umemizaki Middle School , Class 2-F. A bizarre girls-only classroom composed of only 15 people. It was made in order to raise proper Magical Girls , a special class sponsored by the Magical Kingdom.

In the fantastical world of cosplay, there are quite a few creations that come out looking just as beautiful as the character the cosplayer is portraying. And when it comes explicitly to those paying tribute to heroines within the Magical Girl genre, some of the results are genuinely among the best of the best. From crime-fighting heroes of the moon to the card-capturing kind, they've all been given some fan-made costume love over the years.

The series was renewed for serialization in the same magazine in Unpopular idol and junior high school student Saki Uno discovers that her mother, Sayori, used to be a "magical girl", but, as a result of back problems, found it necessary to pass her position down to Saki. With the help of a Yakuza-like mascot character named Kokoro-chan, Saki is able to transform into "Magical Girl Ore" to fight the cute-faced demons who threaten to kidnap her crush, Mohiro. Unfortunately, her magical girl form is that of a large, healthy, athletic, muscular man in a small, cute, girlish uniform, which is causing endless embarrassment to Saki.

Looking up to Magical Girls

Even at that time, I didn't know exactly how big of an effect Madoka Magica was going to have on the popularity of dark magical girl shows, launching a full-blown sub-genre in just a few short years. If you're a fan of magical girls in increasingly dark and sometimes voyeuristic situations, then hopefully this list has your number. Madoka Magica It's not that magical girl stories hadn't ended in tragedy before Madoka Magica. Madoka Magica just brought this niche interest to prominence for a wider audience, by killing off one of its leads in a gruesome fashion by the third episode and revealing its mascot as the team's main antagonist. The series also wasn't afraid to graphically illustrate its cast's emotional suffering, cementing it as a staple that would inform imitators for years to come. It also wallows in its misery more overtly and keeps its mysteries close to its chest for the majority of its run. Middle-schooler Ichika Tachibana receives a magical amulet from Manatsu, a girl in a mirror, that lets her commune with djinn and briefly gain magical powers. Despite its magical girl trappings, the series hinges on its portrayal of psychological elements dealing with adolescence, mental illness especially obsessive-compulsive disorder and sexual abuse. Much of it seems directly cribbed from past influences with the horror drama turned way up, with monsters feeding on negative human emotions and transforming those people into monsters themselves.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Black

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Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison got chat-logs of Fav and Cranberry accidentally after a sad event. They was shocked by that content, and disclose that logs to magical girls. Co-star James Marsden joins the fun.

Magical Girl Raising Project

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Jul 22, - Here are just a few dark magical girl series to watch between your fingers but the series I included weren't necessarily ' shojo ' and looking back, with the horror drama turned way up, with monsters feeding on negative.








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