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Paragraph to a girl you really like

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When you care deeply about someone, it makes sense that you would want to express these feelings. These long paragraphs for your crush are designed to help you show just how much you like that special someone. By sending these paragraphs, you can hint about your feelings and see if your crush likes you back. Hopefully, these long paragraphs will just be the first of many loving texts and paragraphs between you and your crush. Every night, I fall asleep to dreams that you are next to me. I cannot describe the depression and loneliness I feel when I wake up to realize that I am cuddling a pillow instead of you.

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Cute Love Paragraphs For Her Straight From The Heart

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I know that you need some long paragraphs for your crush, that is why you on this page right now. We have some of the sweetest things to say to the one you love. Explore through this post to find the one that suits you. Letting your crush know your real intention is essential because he or she might feel the same way for you. You will not only get long paragraphs for your crush but some sweet texts for the girl or boy you love. Here are some long notes to send to your crush, letting him or her know that you feel something magical for them.

Scroll down to get started. There is something about you that makes my body come alive. You happen to hold the magic wand that makes my world come alive. Knowing you have opened me up to great things and I look forward to every day.

I might be confused and puzzled when I am around you, but it is clear that you add a special spice to my life. Thank you for being a source of happiness and inspiration to me. My life is perfect if I will be the reason you sleep off while holding your phone with both hands. I will be on top of the world if I remain the first person you hope to talk to in the morning.

Sometimes, I keep searching and wishing you were here with me without knowing that you are on my mind always. You are there in my dreams because each time I close my eyes, I keep seeing your face. Your face is intimidating, and I keep forgetting the words I want to say when I am looking into your eyes.

I cherish you from the bottom of my heart. You give me that wonderful feeling of being in love. I find myself thinking about you more than you can imagine. Meeting you was enough blessings to change my life for the better. I know that I am blessed when I start my morning with the thought of you. I am surer now than ever before that you are a fantastic treasure in my life.

You know that out of the awesome things that can ever happen to humankind, spending beautiful moments with you remains the best. You will always be the number thing in my life. Here are other lovely notes to send to your crush.

If you want something a bit romantic, then you will be seeing them here. Make sure you share this post when you find the paragraph your crush will love. The feeling I have for you is natural and from the day my heart connected with yours, my world took a different turn.

I am grateful that my world met such a beautiful world of yours. I love you. Nothing beats this joy in my heart, and nothing compares to the happiness that revolves around my world. I spend every moment I have with you because we keep creating beautiful memories. If I have the power, you would be mine for the rest of my life because you keep giving me the happiness that compares to nothing on earth.

I bless the day we got to know each other. The thought of you is magical because I find myself swimming in the ocean of imaginations. I know that everything I want is within you. Even if everything we began with changes, I know three things that will never change and they are: You, I and the feeling I have in my heart for you. With the state of things in my heart, there is no doubt that love on first sight exists.

Ever since I set my eyes on you that beautiful picture has never left my mind. That feeling has changed everything my life stands for from that day onwards. Whenever I set my eyes on love quotes, your thought is the next thing that floods my mind. Everything now reminds me of how much I love and admire you. Your presence wakes up the butterflies in my tummy. Knowing you makes my world better and my day seems brighter.

You keep unlocking the secret compartments in my life, and all I know is that the feeling in my heart is all because of you. Each thought of you comes with a wish; which is to wrap my hands around you and kiss your lips. Be assured that the tingling in my heart is here to stay. I will always cherish you no matter what it takes. Your presence is magical because it zaps all my energies. It feels good to know that there is someone who makes me feel this way.

Let me be something in your life. I wish I could time travel because I would have gone ahead and set a place for both of us to stay together, forever. There are some fantastic things I would love to do with you, and one of them includes sitting on top of the mountain and watching the world with you.

I want to hold your hands and walk through any challenge life presents us with, in this journey. I found peace and happiness in your side, and I am not ready to let go of it for anything in the world. You bring beautiful colors into my life, and there is nothing better than the feeling your attitude gives me. Let the day remind you that you are still the best thing I always think about in the morning, afternoon and night. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

There is a lot to say, but I rather keep it in my mind. All you should know is that life has always been fair to me since I met you. I want to spend the rest of my days on earth in happiness from the moment we became friends. I found my purpose when you came into my life. Life is beautiful not just when you get the things you love but when you find the joy you desire in someone else.

You light up my world with your charming smile. I can now go to bed with joy in my heart and wake up with the assurance of meeting an angel the next day.

You bring out the best in me at all time. These Paragraphs needs no introduction because they are beautiful in every angle. Be beautiful with the best of words for your crush.

If I can wrap my hands around you each time I miss you, then my hands will be around you forever because I miss you all the time and every day. The world has a better view if I am looking at it by your side. I am not selfish, but I want to hold a spot in your life, and I promise never to leave that position. The sight of you makes me happy and as well creates a sensation in my tummy. There is no better place to be than with an awesome person like you.

Seeing your face is enough blessings for me. Thank you for being amazing. Sometimes I feel uneasy around you, and at the other time, I feel pleasant and comfortable seeing you. But you should know that in all situations, I want to be with you. There is no denying because my intentions are clear. Even if I am in the company of a million people, I would still wish to have a moment with you. You are all I have always want to be with all the time. Placing U and I together would have been an excellent way to arrange the alphabet.

What do you think? You keep capturing my heart. If I have my way, you will be smiling all your life because seeing you smile lights up my mood. The short periods we get to talk pulls me into this ocean of love. I would love to see a smile on your face. Seeing another charming grin to your face does all the magic.

You have kept me under your spell with the way you talk and the things you say. Here are the cutest paragraphs your crush will undoubtedly be happy to receive. There is no doubt that your crush will know your real intention if he or she goes through an item from this section.

Are you ready to wow your crush? Sometimes, I get lost with my thought. I wonder if God created you with my missing rib. I keep finding the missing part of me in you. When I am around you, there is this joy in my heart. Even if I am busy with things, you will always be the best thing on my mind. My feelings are in a language; only your heart can understand.

Look into my eyes and see that it longs to be starring at you from sunrise to sunset.

50 Long Paragraphs for Your Crush

Last Updated on April 7, That it must be expressed continually by all partners for the relationship to scale new heights. However, finding the right words to capture your love and adoration for your partner is usually a challenge, especially for couples that have been together for a reasonable duration. That old and tired line hardly charms anyone nowadays.

Love is a really magical feeling and when it is mutual, you think that you are able to change the whole world. Everything starts with a sympathy, which can grow into love of your life.

Whether she is your classmate in school, partner in college or a friend of your friend — write a funny quote on a handwritten note and give it to her when to confess that you find her attractive. Send a text or give her a buzz on Snapchat if you are not a fan of notes and greeting cards. Whatever you do, always remember that the best way to ask a girl out on a date is to overcome your shyness and let her know directly how badly you are crushing on her. Asking her to be your girlfriend might seem like a crazy thing to do, but if you open up your heart she will fall head over heels for you. Thinking about you pauses my world for a while.

I Like You Paragraphs for a Girl You Like

Finding a way to tell your girlfriend just how much you love her is not always easy. These cute paragraphs for her are made to help you find the words to show her how you feel. You can send her one of these cute paragraphs for her in a text message or in an email. If you really want to make her smile, make a beautiful, handwritten note with one of these paragraphs on it. You can also modify these cute paragraphs for her so that they suit your exact situation and relationship. Flowers and chocolates are always a safe idea, although your crush will love it if you get her something that matches her personality. One of our favorite options is the online Herbal Aphrodisiacs Workshop , but there are many different gift ideas you can choose from. We also love giving the gift of cacao because a cacao ceremony is a wonderful way for a couple to connect to each other, and the euphoric high it brings is fun as well. If you are looking for more texts and messages to send to the guy or girl that you have a crush on, then take this time to look through the other available paragraphs and texts to get your crush to like you. Your voice is the only thing that I ever want to wake up for.

40 Cute Paragraphs for Her

Falling in love is easy, but putting that love into words can be hard. You can start showing your appreciation by sending innocent paragraphs to your crush. Sending a sweet message along with some emojis is a great way to say good morning to him or her, helping them start the day with sweet thoughts of you. You can also send a goodnight text to stay in touch.

I know that you need some long paragraphs for your crush, that is why you on this page right now.

In so many ways, understanding women and their complexities could be as hard as building the Titanic. At the same time, we are sure of one thing: All women crave affection. We have you covered! Women are made to reciprocate whatever is thrown to them; whether good or bad.

40 Love Paragraphs to Make Your Significant Other Feel Special

Ever since our first date, I've noticed changes in my world. Work at the office seems easier, and I'm getting more accomplished in less time. My boss has noticed the changes, too, and has been very complimentary of late.

Are you looking for some cute romantic paragraphs to reaffirm your love for your girl? I bet these cute love paragraphs for her is your top choice. You will get the best love paragraphs to send to your girlfriend to make her heart melt. These are the most romantic paragraphs you will ever find on the internet. I smile because you smile.

73+ Cute Paragraphs For Her

Source: Pinterest. Being in love is one of the most exciting feelings that people can experience. You know that some of the best things are done in the name of love and a man in love is always ready for crazy actions in order to impress his lover. But what can you do if you want to surprise your sweetheart? Well, this question cannot be answered in a simple way.

Apr 7, - And merely writing “I love you” in a text message, email, or love card just won't cut it. I really appreciate you being here because with you, I'm different. a paragraph for a girl to make her smile a paragraph for a girl you like.

Last Updated on May 4, Love is the greatest of all human emotions. However, keeping a girlfriend demands that you remain true and sensitive to her needs. Since you are the most cherished person in her life, your girl deserves your unrequited love and undivided attention. You may consider spoiling her with romantic gifts or taking her on vacation to enchanting faraway destinations.

Have you got a crush on someone? The only thing is that it can sometimes be tough to keep a conversation going with your crush. The secret behind that is finding a great opening message that will get your conversation started. Here some sweet little paragraphs you can send to your crush to both send a pretty strong hint about how much you like them, and to also give you something to talk about.

You have discovered our Cute Paragraphs for Her page. Here you will find valuable lines you can make all your own. Share them with your lover or use them to open the door to a new romance. Is it already dark there?

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To be in love is one of the most incredible feelings that a person can experience. It is one of the strongest emotions that makes you always smile like a fool, sing melodies and tremble every time you think of your partner. It is said that a man in love is ready for heroic deeds and crazy actions to impress his sweetheart. When you love somebody from the bottom of your heart, you are looking for different forms of self-expression.



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