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You might remember Rebecca from the amazing review she did on the Rustic Wedding Chic book! Toady, Rebecca is going to help you plan your Rustic Vintage Wedding in just a few minutes a day! So take it away Rebecca…. Hello to all you lovely Rustic Wedding Chic readers and huge thanks and hugs to Maggie for inviting me to write for you. I am super excited to be here! Imagine creating a rustic vintage wedding that has the two of you written all over it.

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24 Steal-Worthy Vintage Wedding Ideas

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There's no doubt about it — it seems the whole world right now is experiencing an explosion of interest in vintage weddings. Indeed, this very wedding blog was established partly to showcase some of the beautiful weddings out there that have taken inspiration from a vintage era.

But what actually is a 'vintage' wedding? I don't and never have claimed to be an expert in such matters — I simply have an eye for a certain 'style' of wedding that appears to be appreciated by many other Brides out there planning their beautiful wedding days — and more often than not, my eye tends to wander towards those weddings that have been styled with various elements that make references to a bygone era. I ALSO enjoy featuring weddings that have absolutely nothing to do with vintage.

For me however, it's usually a vintage wedding dress or vintage replica wedding dress that draws me in initially…. But here's my confession — I do find myself wondering how to categorise my wedding features at times. Does wearing a vintage replica dress mean I should categorise the wedding as a 'vintage'? Does the elegant vintage china tea set the Bride hired mean her wedding was 'vintage'? Indeed, does the photoshop processing technique used on the photographs to make them look 'aged' or 'retro' make it a vintage wedding?

I also wonder whether the term 'vintage' has become over-used and if the whole trend for vintage weddings right now is placing unnecessary pressure on Brides to make them feel they have to 'go vintage' on their wedding day, simply in order to adhere to a trend — and in the process, missing out on an opportunity to style a wedding that truly DOES reflect the couples personality. If that was the case, then I'd be sad, because weddings, I feel, should always reflect the true personalities and loves of the couple tieing the knot — whether that's minimalist and elegant, budget, lavish, rustic, city chic, vintage, or completely nothing to do with 'vintage' whatsoever!

Tiffany Grant-Riley, Vintage Wedding Planner , debates the current craze for vintage weddings and has obtained the thoughts of several high profile UK Wedding Industry representatives along the way….

In the beginning I had plenty of interest from the bridal media who thought it was a novel idea, although on the flip side, I also had negative reactions from industry pros and couples alike who felt that what I did was likely to end up looking like a fancy dress party or thereabouts.

I also have an insatiable obsession for 20th Century home front history, for the lives of real people not politics or warfare and fashion and weddings make up much of this passion for me. Debs Ivelja and Eliza Claire want couples to be true to themselves…. Debs Ivelja Photography www. My personal view is that a wedding is first and foremost about the couple getting married — their relationship, their personalities, their interests, how they think and what they do.

If a couple have an interest or love for all things old and an obsession for items from a bye gone era, they may want to reflect this in their day.

I tend to find that a wedding that is classified 'Vintage' is often more original and unique when the couple themselves are so obviously at the heart of it, rather than just a theme or a tag. Personally I think 'Vintage' weddings are beautiful when done well and with originality.

Given we are all British and we have the heritage, we will always have beautiful English weddings that have 'vintage' accents; roses, old buildings, tradition. But I am not sure if these make a wedding 'Vintage' or just beautiful English? Personally I think 'English' is just as awesome! Eliza Claire Photography elizaclaire. The very best weddings are the ones that truly reflect your loves, your passions. Wedding Photographer of the Year Lisa Devlin thinks photographers need to have more creative integrity to bring out their own style… www.

We are all producing work that is heavily Vintage influenced, and isn't it exciting that we are at the forefront of a new movement within our industry? If you are a supplier or client who is not creative then yes, the easiest thing to do is copy what you see.

We should all take it as a compliment but it does annoy me when I see images of a wedding that is nothing to do with Vintage and the photographer has added a photoshop effect, because they think it is something they should offer. This ends up looking as if they just threw everything at it, hoping to encompass all tastes and not committing to anything. We felt that maybe the word was overused and often out of context — and we decided maybe 'Modern Vintage' was a better term for what we are doing.

Lucy Ledger, stationery designer thinks authenticity is the key… www. I have also been guilty of over using the word vintage in my designs but I feel I have been pushed into this as a result of it's huge overuse — the bottom line — it works in Google searches and is good for search engine optimisation!

This brings me to the point. Vintage is historical, an item or style of its time and a lot of what is referred to as vintage is most definitely not.

These days even using sage green and dusky pink on an invitation can be referred to as vintage!? What on earth does this one small word mean — it has so many definitions and interpretations. For me vintage is from an era when they made do and made the most of what was to hand. We have a flower shop and have been helping brides create their dream day for 30 years. Is it the colour — washed out pinks, creams and green? Is it the containers which are to be used — tin cans, cups and saucers, tea pots etc.

We love a challenge. So to work with a minimal but realistic budget is not an issue, to use seasonal flowers and work with the couple to produce the arrangements that they want to create their dream wedding is what we are about. Chinaware overflowing with strawberries and roses in striking shades of pink and red. Work that one out and then we can do floral magic. Lauren Grove of U.

S blog Every Last Detail believes a vintage wedding should be fully immersed in the era… www. According to the dictionary, vintage is defined as "of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality; dating from the past".

In going with this, I believe that a vintage wedding is constituted by using items in the wedding that are old in some aspect. They could be vases, they could be pictures, they could even be the bride's dress and shoes. A bride and groom having a vintage wedding usually even live a somewhat "vintage" lifestyle. Vintage weddings are truly vintage, almost to where you can even smell that oldness of the items in the room.

Its name speaks for itself really and is what it says — simple vintage. It means taking the simple elements from each era and putting them together to truly recreate that particular time in history. Surely that is not the meaning of vintage? But in my opinion, never ever should this be allowed to be mixed together. I also work with clients wanting a non-vintage day, which can be a real breath of fresh air! Do the research-trawl through old photographs, watch old movies, read about it, ask your grandparents, and visit a museum or two.

Enjoy the process! Do you agree with the points made? Are Brides under too much pressure to confirm to vintage and other trends these days? Are you a vintage enthusiast and if so what do you think to the trend for 'vintage weddings' and is this trend here to stay?

Some really interesting points there — and you've certainly got me thinking about how I use the word 'vintage', what a vintage wedding is and the impact and influence of the current trend for vintage weddings! Love My Dress is a place for Brides to be inspired — and honestly? If a Bride or couple are inspired by just few elements of vintage and wish to incorporate that into their wedding, then that is absolutely fine with me! Do leave a comment, it would be great to generate some discussion from Brides and Industry professionals alike….

Annabel is the founder of Love My Dress. She lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, two daughters Eska and Leanora and three dogs. She is passionate about photography, supporting women in business and in life, and is in her element being surrounded by nature and the countryside.

When reading your blog, I really appreciate the way you qualify vintage with a period or style e. On a personal level, I say brides should go with something comfortable that they look good in!

What an interesting discussion! So for us, planning our wedding to reflect these styles really is all about what we like. A very interesting piece, and great perspective from the contributers. It is always a sensitive subject when what starts of as a specialist or niche look starts moving across to the mainstream, as it can seem a bit like a hi-jacking.

But it has always been thus…. Speaking from a fashion persective, designers have always built on the foundations of the past, both borrowing and discarding ideas. But this is just as it should be….. I am really fascinated by designers and style movements from the past, and love reading books on the subject….. Fab article! I too have found the use of the word vintage very overdone recently. My dress is new and a modern design although heavily influenced by the edwardian period.

It actually doesnt fit well with the country style flowers and barn reception I am planning but I wanted to wear eliza doolittles ballgown from My Fair Lady and it was the nearest I could get! True vintage weddings encompass all aspect of a particular decade or era.

Everthing else is just vintage inspired. Annabelle, I shouldnt be worried about featuring weddings that arent true vintage as I appreciate their inclusion when something unusual is used as decoration or incorporated into the day.

My wedding is made up of bits taken from blogs and real life weddings in magazines. I also love drooling over the true vintage weddings as they are always totally fabulous! As a florist the word vintge is used alot and means many things to many people. We usually find though it is more about the colours, pale pinks, creams greens etc and containers than what the couple are wearing or even where they are getting married.

As an extra, thank you for blog and your inspiration. All I know is I adore the vintage weddings you feature and that I see on other blogs too and they heavily influence the style I will have on my own wedding day.

There is something about the style of the past, but particularly the 20s and 30s that really resonates with me, the style of dresses, the make up and hair styles, everything was all together more elegant and beautiful looking. For me personally its great that blogs like this one exist so I can learn more about vintage style and gather inspiration for my wedding next year.

Great to see this kind of post on lovemydress hopefully it generates some discussion and interesting feedback for you — i completed your survey yesterday and am keeping fingers crossed i might win!

An excellent article Tiffany! I only apply the term vintage to weddings I work on if they actually incorporate something actually classified as vintage.

For example the wedding I did that was featured on Love My Dress in fact we termed vintage because we used vintage crockery some pieces were from the 20s and 30s and vintage jewellery.

How to have the perfect vintage-themed wedding, from dress ideas to decorations

I love my wedding dress. Can't believe it fits so prefectly, no alterations needed at all. Shipping was incredibly fast. Great cooperation. Will be ordering more.

Something old can sometimes take the form of something new. That being said, not everything needs to be an antique or heirloom to be the star of the big day.

Jump to navigation. What's old is new again with a wedding that captures the glamour of the '20s, the rock 'n roll energy of the '50s, or the free spirited vibe of the '70s. From retro-inspired gowns to decorating with antiques, here are some of our favorite ideas we've spotted. Photo Credit: Elmer Escobar Photography. Photo Credit: JoPhoto.

How To Design Your Rustic Vintage Wedding in Just a Few Minutes a Day

Fresh Shoot Studios. From postcard invitations to throwback photos, here are a few things worth considering. Vintage venue Hold your wedding at a stunning heritage building for serious vintage vibes. Postcard invitations People rarely use snail mail anymore, so harken back to the days when postcards were more popular by using them as your wedding invitations. While you could use actual postcards, we suggest asking your stationer to create something custom just for you. Rustic programmes currently Rustic programme Use kraft paper and twine to give your wedding programmes a vintage look. Bonus points if you embellish them with pressed flowers or a fun retro graphic. Andy Bennett Photographer. Unstructured bouquet Forget about super manicured arrangements, unstructured wedding bouquets are where it's at for vintage weddings.

Vintage Weddings

Red Poppy Vintage Rentals. We've rounded up some of the prettiest vintage wedding ideas to showcase the latest take on this popular wedding style , which has changed so much over the years that it's sometimes hard to keep up. What once meant overly niche, thrift-inspired decor soda pop bottles, typewriters, and rockabilly-inspired accents has now transformed into a totally sophisticated aesthetic. The latest take on vintage wedding style is perfect for couples who want to create a storybook romance vibe on the big day — get ready for soft color palettes, elegant candles, and more.

Share this article. Vintage Weddings have become one of the most up and coming yet timeless themes around the world.

There's no doubt about it — it seems the whole world right now is experiencing an explosion of interest in vintage weddings. Indeed, this very wedding blog was established partly to showcase some of the beautiful weddings out there that have taken inspiration from a vintage era. But what actually is a 'vintage' wedding? I don't and never have claimed to be an expert in such matters — I simply have an eye for a certain 'style' of wedding that appears to be appreciated by many other Brides out there planning their beautiful wedding days — and more often than not, my eye tends to wander towards those weddings that have been styled with various elements that make references to a bygone era.

1. Invitations

Please refresh the page and retry. They prefer timeless elegance with a touch of glamour. Whether you're on the hunt for a wedding dress that evokes show-stopping s glamour or a ladylike look of the s, there is a vintage wedding dress out there for you. Of course, the dress is only the start.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: A Romantic, Vintage-Inspired Wedding in South Tyrol, Italy - Martha Stewart Weddings

Gone are the days when the sure sign of a vintage wedding was shabby chic decor and handful of birdcages. Couples are taking the vintage wedding trend and running with it, incorporating different eras, different styles and a huge array of vintage ideas to use throughout their wedding. Hire a hot wedding dressmaker to turn a jaded vintage wedding dress into a timeless masterpiece. Fold-up wooden wedding chairs look great at a vintage ceremony. There are so many unusual wedding transport ideas to pick from. Hire vintage bicycles that suitably dressed!

12 Vintage Wedding Ideas for Modern-Day Couples

The report found that formal weddings are becoming less common as couples turn more to unique trends and nontraditional venues like farms, museums, parks, and wineries. To complement these settings, couples are incorporating rustic and vintage-inspired features into their special day. One of the most appealing things about vintage style is that it can mean different things to different people. Anything from a past era can be considered vintage. Couples can even mix and match elements from different eras for a truly unique wedding.

When it comes to jewellery, look for exquisite pieces. Image result for vintage wedding headpiece x Image via TWR Accessories. 5. Bridesmaids Dresses.

If like me, you love the glamour and timeless style of bygone eras and want to bring your wedding day look together with a vintage wedding hairstyle, then you are in the right place! Finish with a birdcage veil for an added touch of romance. Emma's bridal look is just dripping with s glamour!

10 Vintage Wedding Ideas for Planning the Ultimate Retro Reception

If you're planning a vintage style wedding, make sure it's totally transformed with these timeless finishing touches. Whether you consider yourself a retro bride or just love the vintage trend, if you nail this theme then you can guarantee your wedding will look beautiful and timelessly chic. You can weave the past into your special day by incorporating lots of vintage wedding ideas to reinforce this traditional theme.

21 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for the Retro-Loving Bride






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