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What does a flower girl look like

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Flower girls are such a divine part of weddings! From their little dresses to their little faces, they add such pint-sized sweetness to your day. But while they may be tiny, their day-of role is anything but! First things first! Since your flower girl is presumably a young child, be sure to ask her parents first, especially since they will assume the costs of her flower girl dress and accessories. They will also be able to gauge if their little one is up to the task of walking down the aisle sometimes, a young child might find all that attention a bit too overwhelming.

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25 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The flower girl and her dress are big points on your to-do list. And have a smooth wedding ceremony in the process. This guide has you covered. You probably remember the cute, adorable little girl who scattered flower petals on the wedding aisle, while introducing the bride to the whole crowd.

She carries a basket with flower petals or other creative alternatives and walks before the bride, introducing her into the ceremony. She walks right after her partner, the ring bearer or page boy. If you're wondering what age is proper for a flower girl , the rule of thumb is that she should be between three and ten years old.

So, how old is too old or too young? If your pick is over 10 years old, try to make her part of the wedding as a junior bridesmaid. This will be a better role enjoy the experience of participating in the wedding from start to finish without the overwhelming responsibilities often taken on by the bridesmaids.

What happens if your flower girl pick is under 18 months old , not even got to walking and.. There are ways to make her part of your day, even though month-olds don't take direction. All without worrying she won't be able to complete her role. A little baby girl or an infant can be a flower girl just as much as a 3 years old. Just make sure somebody is there with her on the aisle, holding her hand or carrying her in a cute wagon. If the bride will also have a ring bearer or a page boy, he can pull the wagon.

You can attach a cute message to the wagon and you can decorate it with your favorite flowers and plants, balloons, and why not, her favorite pet! Some people tend not to go with quite so young flower girls in their ceremonies because their actions can be unpredictable. But others find any imperfections, like stumbling, falling asleep in the wagon or chomping on a few flower petals quite the cuteness factor!

Lilac Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! White Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! These little girls are already learning how to walk, so they'll be able to go on the wedding aisle on their own, with a lot of encouragement. All you have to do to make sure she's not going to get scared of the walk is have somebody with them on the aisle, showing her where to go, and have one of her parents at the end of the aisle!

Blush Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! Coral Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! Gold Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! And an adorable one! If she's able to walk on her own and knows how to toss petals , you can relax because her moment it's probably gonna run smoothly. But if you don't think she can handle the whole ceremony, make sure you have prepared some distractions for her try coloring books or toys.

This way you avoid any problems if she gets tired, nervous or bored and can't stay focused. Champagne Flower Girl Dress - Get it here! At this age, she'll be able to do a fine job and try her best to make the bride happy and to keep the guests entertained!

This role will be a better fit for responsibilities, without the big tasks that came along with the official bridesmaid job. Ideally, the flower girl is three to 10 years old and a junior bridesmaid between ten and fourteen. You might feel like the flower girl tradition was around forever.

This dates back to the Roman Empire. Even though seeing the little flower girl walking like a princess on the wedding aisle is a beautiful view for every ceremony guest, it wasn't the look that made the flower girl tradition stick. What she stood for did. They aren't just a wedding prop. The flower girl tradition comes with a lot of meaning and purpose.

Traditionally, the little girl represented the fading of a bride's innocence and the passage from childhood to womanhood. Back in the Roman Empire , weddings only had one goal: procreation and the continuity of the family.

Pretty rough, but that's how it went! And that's actually the reason why the flower girl used to carry sheaves of wheat during the wedding ceremony -- as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, as well as keeping evil spirits at bay. In the Renaissance Era , the flower girl role changed - she stopped carrying sheaves of wheat and replaced them with strands of garlic - a symbol that protects the family from bad evils and bad luck.

The closest to what we're seeing right now on the wedding aisle is the Victorian Era's tradition - the role is like what happens nowadays. The girls used to dress in white with a sash of colored satin or silk. Typically the Flower Girl dropped rose petals, herbs and a mixture of grains down the wedding aisle.

The grains and herbs symbolize hope for future fertility and everlasting love, and the flower petals symbolize good luck wished upon the couple. Fast forward to our days , instead of dropping flower petals, flower girls can blow bubbles down the aisle, throw confetti or carry teddy bears or other whimsical accessories.

Although the meaning behind having a flower girl changed so much over the centuries, I think we can all agree that giving up on dropping garlic was a good superstition to let go off! A lonely girl or a happy crowd?

Even if the tradition says that you should have one flower girl, the rules are made to be broken, right? It is the bride's decision. She can make this call and pick more than one girl for this role. Depending on the wedding size and her own personal wish , the bride can choose up to girls to join her on the aisle.

For the ring bearer, she can make the same call and pick 2 little brothers for example instead of one. If the bride wants more girls, then there are 2 options: matching dresses the same dress in different sizes or different gowns.

The only rule is that the outfits should respect the wedding's theme and preferably alike in terms of style. If the girl is very young, it's quite an inspired move to have more than one flower girl. The buddy system is a really good way to give them a confidence boost.

Find more about how you can coach a shy flower girl to walk down the aisle from this Brides Magazine article. The idea of having two flower girls or pairing up ring bearer and flower girl so that they can walk together, side by side comes with a lot of benefits: added confidence, split the responsibility and double the fun!

Two or three girls can look lovely when walking together, so why hold back? For a small girl, it can be pretty scary to walk all by herself on the bridal path. So the presence of others kids can be relaxing. They can hold hands for support or even toss flowers from the same basket.

This way, the girls will be feeling more confident and have fun in the process. Talking about other kids, if you will have a ring bearer, partner them up! Holding hands, smiling, giggling - all the joyful stuff you want! So make sure you have a happy crowd. The flower girl usually wears a tea-length dress or a ball gown dress - something special and very festive, worthy of wearing to an event.

Finding your flower girl the perfect dress could be a true challenge. The girl should wear a special dress , carefully picked for the big event - something that both the bride and the childlike and fits the wedding theme. But this isn't mandatory. Depending on the wedding's theme, there are many options for the dress and its style can vary from a classic bridal one to a more funky and colorful one.

Even black flower girl dresses are now in style! The only rule you should follow is to choose a dress that will make the little one feel special and appreciated. If she likes the dress, her confidence walking down the aisle will be boosted and she will love performing the role!

Traditionally, the flower girl dress is a look-a-like bridal dress, which is often times white. Many brides rather go for the flower girl wear white as a symbol of sweetness and purity.

If you're going this route keep in mind that some guests may not approve of her looking too grown up, like a "mini bride. Wearing a look-a-like dress, the contrast between the bride and the girl is highlighted - the passage from childhood to womanhood. However, the flower girl dresses are not always supposed to be white. She can go with a warmer or joyful color for the little one - ivory, blue or light pink can be nice options for the dress, complementary to the bride or bridesmaids.

Ivory Flower Girls Dress - Get it here! Add color with accessories. Even if the gowns' colors got more progressive with time, the flower girl dresses' color etiquette is still ahead of it, with more flexible choices. You can add bows, ribbons, or a sash to match the color of the bridesmaids' dresses or the wedding color scheme , such as the color of the flowers or centerpieces. Matching the bride's wedding gown is popular and has a long tradition, but flower girls aren't limited to wearing mini replicas of the bride's dress.

If you can't find or afford a matching version, take a look at a less expensive dress in the same color. It will look awkward and the effect will be the opposite of innocence and purity, a throwback to childhood. If the wedding gown is too grown up for a youngster, choose to match the wedding style. Whether it's chic, elegant or country, this is a more appropriate way to make the flower girl part of the wedding.

If their daughters are their flower girls, this makes the occasion special for the little girl as well as her mother, so matching the two outfits is a great idea.

It's a common thing to match the bridesmaids and flower girls dress - mostly for aesthetics and having a lovely "girl squad" look. But finding the perfect dress in the right sizes don't always work out.

What does a flower girl do???

Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. February in Planning. Hope someone can help me, I'm really stressing about this! My 6 year old cousion is going to be our flower girl in August.

Let the littlest member of your bridal party have her moment in the spotlight. Perhaps no member of the bridal party draws more attention than the flower girl.

Little munchkins walking down the aisle with flowers on their head is pretty darn cute. While we all know a flower girl should look sweet, what do you need to think about? Traditionally a flower girl is somewhere between the ages of 4 and 9 any younger and they might find your wedding a challenge, any older and they are promoted to junior Bridesmaid , she is someone that is close to you i. Sometimes it will be an obvious choice. It can be a little bit overwhelming for one flower girl to be the centre of attention, especially if she is very young.

Flower Girl dresses for our little princesses!

Flower girls are an extremely old wedding tradition that go back centuries. Further reading on the difference between a flower girl and a bridesmaid. As traditions naturally develop, so too do things like what flower girls wear, and more and more people end up confused as to what the etiquette is. Top questions include:. However, since this is only tradition and not a written rule, you by no means need to stick to this. This ensures you can throw your own twist on things and keep your outfit original and unique while still creating that cohesion. Again, this is another potential misleading myth. There is no particular rule or even tradition that dictates that all flower girls in the same wedding party must be wearing matching dresses.

How to Choose Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Choosing the members of your bridal party is not an easy task as there are things that need to be considered. The bridal party includes bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girls. Choosing your bridesmaids may be simple if you have siblings as well as your very close friends, likewise with choosing your flower girls, it could be simple if you have children in the family. Meanwhile the difficulty of choosing comes along if there are no younger family members who could be one and yet you wanted flower girls to be part of the bridal party.

If you are getting married, there is a pretty strong chance that you have been in a wedding yourself.

Pasha Belman Photography. We can probably all agree that watching a little flower girl and ring bearer stroll or inch shyly! But how does a couple decide which children get that honor?

Tips for First-Time Flower Girls

There she dives headfirst into the crazy history behind common wedding traditions we may take for granted. Liz talks flower girls here:. Now, I know that aunts are prone to saying nice, half-true things to their nieces, so I ran this account by my mom. You were nervous, but you took your job seriously and carefully put petals on the ground as you walked.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The flower girl and her dress are big points on your to-do list. And have a smooth wedding ceremony in the process. This guide has you covered.

6 Tips for Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Sign In Sign In. Including a flower girl in your bridal party can add a touch of charm and childlike innocence to your ceremony, and if there is a special little girl in your life she will no doubt be thrilled to play such an important role in your wedding. However, being a flower girl can be fairly daunting for a young child so here are some great flower girl tips. Every bride has her own ideas about what they would like their flower girl to do, but usually, she walks down the aisle in front of the bride or maid of honour scattering rose petals in their path. Many venues no longer allow petals to be strewn on the floor so modern flower girls often simply carry a basket of flowers or a miniature bouquet. Once the flower girl has walked down the aisle, her main duties are looking adorable and starring in some of the wedding photos. Older flower girls may stand at the altar with the bridesmaid, while younger ones tend to sit with their parents or grandparents during the ceremony.

Flower Girl Tips including deciding what their duties will be, rehearsing with Every bride has her own ideas about what they would like their flower girl to do.

Flower girl dresses, for the cutest members of the bridal party. The fun part of any ceremony is when flower girls enter the ceremony, inspiring laughter and awws among all guests. Everyone at your party deserves the best dress including the flower girls. You deserve a wonderful wedding and you should make your flower girl feel as pretty as a princess. There is something about the graceful Parade of flower girls that sets the tone for this magical occasion.

The Flower Girl Role Explained

If you are unsure what a flower girl should do, what they wear and what their role in the wedding is then our guide is here to help. By Sophie Cockett. The role of a flower girl is mostly just to look super adorable walking down the aisle and in your wedding photos. Image: Bruce Nevill.

What You Need to Know If You Have a Flower Girl

When you're planning a wedding, there are a ton of dresses to think about. You've got to decide on and shop for what you, your bridesmaids, and your mom will ultimately wear on the special day. But fair warning: You may find that the cutest one is often the hardest to find! Yes, we're talking about what your adorable little flower girl will wear—because, obviously, everything is cuter in a mini size!

What's the flower girl's primary role? To be darling, of course.


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