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Where did cain get his wife

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The Rabbis view Eve , the first woman, as embodying the qualities of all women, and of femininity in general. The various midrashim reveal diverse male perceptions of women in the time of the Rabbis, some positive and flattering, and others negative. Nonetheless, the Rabbis encourage marital life, and depict the man who remains alone as depriving himself of many boons. Thus, some midrashim present the first mating of Adam and Eve as the renewed connection of a creature that was split in two, or as a man who found what he had lost.

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Lesson 12: Progress Without God (Genesis 4:16-26)

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Will Adam and Eve Be Resurrected? The line of reasoning used by the Watchtower Society is as follows: Since Adam and Eve sinned in perfection they have no chance of being resurrected. His judgments are final. The same is true with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as Adam and Eve. All had their judgment day before the great Judge of the universe and all were sentenced to destruction.

They will never have a conscious existence again. I also have to agree that Jehovah does not make mistakes in judgment. However, as I have continued to read and study the Bible my understanding has changed a bit regarding Adam and Eve. Is it true that there is no hope for them and that they will not be resurrected? Is it possible that they cannot be forgiven? Please consider the following;.

This means that if Adam and Eve had never eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, and had only eaten from the other trees of the garden including the tree of life, they would still be alive to this day and we would not be born into sin as we are today. Thus far I believe that the Watchtower and most Christians would be in agreement.

I was taught to respond with the following answers. I still believe that is true. To this day this sounds reasonable to me. However, I believe there is much more to it than this. For many, this answer was only partially satisfying.

Quite a few still wanted to know just why did Adam and Eve live so long after sinning, when they were clearly told,. Please follow this carefully. When both Adam and Eve had sinned they realized that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. Genesis During a conversation with God, neither Adam nor Eve wanted to take responsibility for their sin. Genesis As a result of their sin, they must suffer the consequences which ultimately is death.

In Genesis God said to the serpent,. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel. This is the first prophecy in Scripture. The beautiful thing about this is that God provides a way out of the inherited sin from Adam. This verse applies to every person who shows faith in the shed blood of Jesus. I believe this includes Adam and Eve. How can we be sure of this?

Notice what happens next. God tells Adam and Eve of the immediate and long term consequences of their sin which would affect every living thing on earth. Genesis Now we have come to an important part of this situation. Genesis says,. Think about it for a moment. Adam and Eve were not physically naked at this time, as they had already covered themselves with fig leaves in Genesis My question to you is, where did God get the long garments of skin from and why did God clothe them?

The only logical answer is that the skin must have come from an animal. Likely a lamb. Genesis , John In other words, an animal or animals, one for Adam and one for Eve had to die or be sacrificed in order to make garments of skin.

What was the purpose of an animal sacrifice? To atone for sins. The skins of the lambs physically covered their bodies and the lambs blood spiritually covered their sins.

When the Patriarchs and Prophets of old performed these sacrifices they were in essence showing their faith in God and their faith in the power of the blood of the coming Jesus. They were exercising faith and demonstrating that they believed that Jehovah accepted the blood of the animals as forgiveness for their sins.

The only reasonable Biblical explanation as to why Adam and Eve did not literally die that very day is because Jehovah substituted the life of those lambs in the place of Adam and Eve! This kept Adam and Eve from having to give their lives that very day. This is the whole purpose of the Sanctuary service which points directly to Jesus as the Lamb of God! Blood had to be shed so that Adam and Eve could live long enough to procreate.

Genesis That is why the animals used for the skin must have been the temporary sacrifice which was made on the day they sinned. The sacrificial system was a way to cover sins until Jesus came and died for all. Without a doubt, Adam and Eve from this point knew about animal sacrifices for forgiveness. Otherwise, how would Abel have known that God wanted the firstlings of his flock? Genesis The answer is, Adam and Eve passed this structure of worship on to their progeny.

The Sanctuary service is a tremendous study in itself. I may cover more on this at a later time. Yes, Adam was a perfect man. But so was the character of Jesus! Adam not only suffered the immediate consequences of sin, but he died just as God said he would. Did Adam die the second death? Not according to the Bible because the second death occurs after the year reign.

Revelation Here are a few Scriptures that should be considered in this regard. The infamous Scripture of John says,. NWT Emphasis mine. For the Watchtower to say that Adam and Eve will not be resurrected is to assume that they were never sorry for their sin. It also sells short the love of God and the power of the ransom sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus!

Will Adam and Eve be resurrected? I believe that the evidence shows they will. I suppose when we get to the Kingdom we will find out for sure. Well written article and I am in agreement with. Yes, Adam and Eve and all born from them will have a resurrection. Jesus promised such for ALL in their graves at John The sacrificial offerings were ordained by God to be to man a perpetual reminder and a penitential acknowledgment of his sin and a confession of his faith in the promised Redeemer.

They were intended to impress upon the fallen race the solemn truth that it was sin that caused death. To Adam, the offering of the first sacrifice was a most painful ceremony. His hand must be raised to take life, which only God could give. It was the first time he had ever witnessed death, and he knew that had he been obedient to God, there would have been no death of man or beast.

As he slew the innocent victim, he trembled at the thought that his sin must shed the blood of the spotless Lamb of God.

And he marveled at the infinite goodness that would give such a ransom to save the guilty. Watchtower Jesus is a lot different than Bible Jesus. To start with, he is not divine or of divine essence. He is a creature, a mere archangel. Because of this, his salvation powers are far weaker than Bible Jesus as his sacrifice had lower value.

This also affects a lot of other Watchtower doctrine and it keeps showing up in a lot of unexpected teachings. You must be logged in to post a comment. Reasoning With Jehovah's Witnesses.

Skip to content. Copyright Notice Privacy Policy. Posted on January 30, by Mark. Genesis Now we have come to an important part of this situation. Revelation Here are a few Scriptures that should be considered in this regard. What Does the Bible Really Teach?

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Who was Cains wife?

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Jump to navigation. In Genesis 4, Cain kills Abel. In Genesis above we see that Cain had relations with his wife.

There are three great enemies of the believer: The world; the flesh; and the devil. In the early chapters of Genesis, these three enemies are introduced to us in reverse order: The devil chap. We live in a world of dizzying technological progress. Somehow, I made it through college without the photocopy machine.

Where did Cain get his wife?

Excuse me for being uneducated on the bible, especially the Genesis. I though Adam and Eve were the only 2 created human beings by god. Apparently Cain had a wife What was her name. Were the children involved in incest or were there other people outside the garden of Eden? If incest was the case then why did god allow it? Why doesn't the wife have a name whilst all the boys do? These questions are definitely pointed because I am looking for some sort of leverage to cast doubts on certain aspects. I am Skeptical however bringing subjects like this up a JW always will find an answer to wriggle out of a question some how. What is the proper dubs stance on this?

Why did Adam and Eve become aware of their nakedness only after they sinned?

While there are many examples of strong and inspiring men and women in Genesis, the book is also packed with stories of dysfunctional families, which is evidenced from the very beginning with the first family— Adam, Eve and their two children, Cain and Abel. In no short amount of time—just 16 verses after announcing the birth of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4—Cain has murdered his younger brother and is consequently exiled from the land. The narrative continues in Genesis 4 with Cain settling in the land of Nod and having children with his wife. Who did Cain marry?

I'm studying to teach my children about the bible and creation but I can't seem to get past Genesis 2!

Will Adam and Eve Be Resurrected? The line of reasoning used by the Watchtower Society is as follows: Since Adam and Eve sinned in perfection they have no chance of being resurrected. His judgments are final. The same is true with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as Adam and Eve.

Will Adam and Eve Be Resurrected?

According to Genesis Genesis relates that after arriving in the Land of Nod, Cain's wife bore him a son, Enoch , in whose name he built the first city. Therefore, to dwell in the land of Nod can mean to live a wandering life. Waw id.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Christianity Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more. It only takes a minute to sign up. Adam and Eve had two children Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. There is no knowledge about a female companion for Cain male in the Bible.



Here is one commonly asked Bible question that could be answered if people did this: Where did Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve, get his wife? w65 2/15 pp.


Land of Nod







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